Kodiak Jack: Your Death: My Glory

Recently Kodiak Jack came to my attention, and I was lucky enough to get to listen to their soon to be released album,”Your Death: My Glory”, this Monday, 1st August, in fact. There is always an anticipation when you are about to listen to an album for the first time, especially when you have never heard of the band before. What is it going to be like, am I going to like it, are they any good? Kodiak Jack were more than a pleasant surprise, and one that I have repeatedly listened to a number of times now!

Having already released, and sold out of, 2 EPS, the Portsmouth based 5 piece have produced a strong body of work in their debut album. With a great set of 10 rock tracks, ranging from the hard rock start of “Crossfire” and “Wasted Youth”, to the more mellow “My Condition”. Picking up the pace and hard edge for the second half. The album has just the right balance of pace and energy. With a tight slick sound to their music and great production, it is hard to fault, with Bryn Roberts voice being the perfect accompaniment to the music.

Kodiak Jack

I can imagine what their live show is like, and the energy that comes across from the CD, can only be multiplied in a live show.

The album closes on the title track, track which leaves you wanting more.

It is no surprise then that Metal Hammer have picked ‘Wasted Youth’ for their upcoming ‘Best Of British’ CD that will be featured on their export issue 222 (October) distributed in the US, Australia and everywhere outside the UK!

Why had I not heard of these guys before? And as I write this, they are playing tonight for the album release…maybe next time I will get the chance to see them!

Track Listing
Wasted Youth
Your City To Burn
Prettier When She Smiles
Anthem For An Underclass
My Condition
My Fake Jesus
We Are Your Saviours
Your Death: My GLory

The Band
Bryn Roberts (vocals)
Matt Forster (drums)
Kev Farren (bass)
Jeff Arnold (lead guitar)
Jon Karp (guitar and backing vocals)


26/08/11 – Patriot Biker Festival, Newport
Other Bands: TBC

6/10/11 – Soul Cellar, Southampton
Other Bands: Elvis Jackson

04/11/11 – Soul Cellar, Southampton
Other Bands: Rocket Dolls

Words by Jon.

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