Avenge Vulture Attack are punk/rock band from Ealing, but tour around South every few months or so. Having spent the last few months they have a new EP, on the horizon.

In their own words;

“After six months of road-testing new material and knuckling down in the studio, Avenge Vulture Attack, a female-led 4-piece rock/punk quartet from London, are back with their third EP ‘Renew’. Named for the new, harder-edged direction of the band, ‘Renew’ retains Avenge Vulture Attack’s signature lighting-fast changes and powerful vocals but pushes the volume and energy yet another step up. Produced by ‘I Blame Coco’ guitarist Jonas Jalhay, this new offering is the best yet from the UK’s most unpredictable band.”

Well. I can’t disagree with that!

Avenge Vulture Attack have a great energy that grabs you and won’t let go! With Ella’s vocals almost sounding like a fusion between Skunk Anansie and Alannis Morisette.

The four track EP certainly grabs the listeners attention, and won’t let go. It has no nonsense approach that is uncompromising. Their sound is a mix of punk, indie rock, with a very raw edge to it, sometimes quirky (unpredictable?), but always demanding your attention. Coupled with lyrics that aren’t throw away, they have the formula for great things!

Miss these Vultures at your own risk!

“Renew” is available from iTunes;


Seven Dirty Bad Things
You Are Nothing
All About You

Ella – vocals
Drew – guiter
Joss – bass
Ben – drums.



Words by Jon.

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