Champions, Bournemouth

A wet Friday night at Champions but our spirits are not dampened by tonights offering,2 great bands with differing styles. First up are local ‘boys’ Voice of Reason. Having made a decent impression on the local scene as And The Magic 8-Ball Band they now play under the moniker Voice of Reason-same line-up,bigger sound. It would be hard to pidgeonhole these guys but their influences are worn firmly on their sleeves.

Voice Of Reason

They open with the Maiden-inspired ‘Dead & Gone’. The overall sound is one of Rock but Adam’s voice is lost in the wall of noise around him. Nevertheless,he is energetic throughout. Their songs incorporate rock/punk/indie in genre yet they have a style that is quite distinct. Brother Dave (guitar) is pulling shapes all night while Jamie drums is pounding away all night long. LMOA is another good tune that hints at Jimmy Eat World but their cover of the Hives “Main Offender” needs some work. They attempt a ‘re-work’ of one of Gregs (Poze) old bands numbers “We Don’t Run” which is great with its beefy sound & singalong chorus. Bassist Matt is cavorting the stage now while Adam is leaping around with energy and a slightly clearer vocal. They end with the Idlewild-esque iPod which doesn’t disappoint and they receive generous applause from what is largely a glam-rock audience.

Dead & Gone
Wooden Pints
Sleep Now
Wider Awake
Main Offender
Left Handed Progress
Set In Stone
We Don’t Run
No Sense No Feeling

Headliners Poze take to the stage. Nothing has changed with these guys since the 90’s. Poze are Glam with a capital G! They open with Glamsham (what else)! The songs keep coming in the same vein as in years gone by. Greg (vox/whistle/tambourine) is in full regalia tonight,we expect nothing else. He throws down the leather jacket & launches into ‘We’re Gonna Die’ before inviting us into their ‘Filthy Future’. The chemistry between Greg & band is unique-this is a band who know how to play & play to the crowd. Mid-song banter is regular,as is ‘pozing’ which tonight is in abundance! The guitarist (whose name escapes me) is resplendent in white top hat & tails & a matching guitar.


The drums are confidently hammered by Ash Sparxx while the face on the bass is Mark Le Sueur who occasionally chips in with some between song banter. Ash takes a break as the band welcome on stage none other than one time drummer ‘Jazzmin LeBon Jovi’ to play on 3 songs including highlight Teazer. They do some covers in the shape of The Troggs ‘Wild Thing’ & an energetic ‘Tie Yer Mutha Down’ which keeps this crowd happy followed by the quite ridiculous ‘Wigwam Bam’-I suppose someone has to cover it-(or not)!! Ash takes his seat once more for the encore including a lengthy & glammed up ‘Something Else’ & ‘Blusher Crusher’. Just when we think they’re done they return once more for ‘Nellie’ & ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ with its extended finale. Tonight’s gig is also used to recognise the work of the Brain Cancer Trust. The band welcome a member of their charity on stage to receive a cheque from them & to highlight their work. Another great night at Champions & all for a good cause.

We’re Gonna Die, But We’re…
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Filthy Future
Nothing To Lose
Just A Dream
Wild Thing
Tie Yer Mutha Down
Wigwam Bam
Lick It Up

Bathroom Wall
Somethin’ Else
Midweek Action
Blusher Crusher

Talk Dirty To Moi

Words and Pictures By Ross Ferrone.

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