Champions Bournemouth

Tonight saw a 3 band line up at Champions in Bournemouth. After a great day of hot and sunny weather the temperature continued to rise at the venue. The three bands tonights are Electric Panda, Mountain Feet, and Yellow Grove, and had a attracted a fair crowd.

First up for the evening were a new 3 piece, Electric Panda, formed three months ago, and this was their 3rd gig, and named after the lead singers daughter.

Electric Panda

From the outset they had the attention of the crowd, with a mixture of bluesy rock, with a Southern edge. They started with powerful bass sound. The first couple of tracks the vocals seemed a little quiet/weak, but as the set moved on the intensity increased.

Their third track “Throw Me A Line” was more bluesy, they performed an interesting cover of “Wichita Lineman”. As each track progressed they received more applause and cheers from the audience.

“Eyes wide open” started with a pounding drum, and this was a percussion driven track. Possibly the most powerful track of the set.

The lead singer introduced the last song as a folk song…and then went into Gloria Gayners “I will survive” which included a guitar solo I am not sure was in the disco classic! Well worth a listen.

Tom – bass
Mark – drums
Dave – lead and vocals

The second band of the evening are a local four piece Mountain Feet, performing their own brand of alternative country rock.

Opening with “Sharing You” a tight blues rock sound, backed by a solid drum, almost reminiscent Gecko or The Four Horsemen. This was followed by “She Cuts Deep” with a more southern sound, with the kind of bass line you would have found with Johnny Cash, although this progressed into a heavier sound.

Mountain Feet

For the track “Acoustic One” they got the audience to clap in time, which was not hard. For this track it was just the lead Singer, his guitar, and a harmonica.

“Lies Cause Suicide” opens with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Picked up the pace with a drum beat similar to Folsom Prison Blues. Certainly had the audience tapping their feet.

It’s a mystery. A little more rock and roll, with a catchy bass line. But a southern edge to the vocals. About halfway through they cranked up the pace and energy. With some great guitar work.

The last track, “Down By The River” saw the band really enjoying themselves.

Overall they had a superb mix of blues and rock, which the audience really enjoyed.

Jordan Gray – Guitar and vocals
Craig Gray – Guitar and vocals
Nick Scott – Drums
Rusty – Bassman

The last act on this hot evening were Yellow Groove, a local 4 piece, formed in 2008 they peform a bluesy folk rock.

They opened with “Fading Out”, but the crowd had thinned out but those who remained were still appreciative. Next up was “Lovin Man” starting wit an old school sound. Lot of on stage energy, with a sound akin to Clapton.

Yellow Groove

“Hero wanted” had heavy drum intro that started audience clapping. That broke into acoustic guitar and layered vocals. Which then transitioned into “Spread Your Love”, and was much heavier in sound than “Hero Wanted”, but fitted perfectly.

The band were completely immersed into what they were playing, and this showed.

Next song is a cover, stuck in the middle with you.

The tracks they played all shared a blues rock feeling, but flowed from heavier rock sounds, to softer soundscapes. With one track sounding reminiscent of Peter Green, with a soundscape akin to Albatross, if only for the cymbals. They also threw in a couple covers through out there set, both of which were well received.

Their last song, “Stepping Off The Train”, was a softer song and a good choice to close the evening on.

They proved to be a versatile band, with roles be sharing between the band members. By the end of their set what few Audience members remained where very appreciate, and I felt sorry for those who left as they had missed out.

Will definitely be hunting down their material!

Simon Stevens – Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Ben Embery – Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mark Leybourne – Lead Guitar
Jack Smith – Drums/Backing Vocals

Electric Panda
Bred In The Bone
Throw Me A Line
Wichita Lineman
Find My Way
Walk On Gilded Splinters
Eyes Wide Open
I Will Survive

Mountain Feet
Sharing You
She Cuts Deep
Green River
Acoustic One
Lies Cause Suicides
It’s A Mystery
Down By the River

Yellow Groove
Fading Out
Lovin Man
Hero Wanted
Spread Your Love
These Times
Son Of A Working Man
Stuck In The Middle
Witches Wood
Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Blood On The Flag
All Right Now
San Francisco Bay
Crow On My Shoulder
Stepping Off The Train

Words By Jon.
Pictures by Andy Capellaro.

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