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The Mistakes

Summer is finally upon us as a sweltering Cellar Bar plays host to three Punk bands – two local and one from out of town. Opening tonight are Horror/Punk outfit Miseria Hallows. These guys are decked out in all black and for additional effect, eye make-up. Their harsh throaty vocal delivery, mixed with their gloomy attitude is part Misfits, part “Batcave-era” Goth. They open with an “intro” track then launch into “Welcome to Hellmouth”. Deadface (lead vox) has a stage presence of doom and gloom, mixed with a certain negativity. Whether put on or serious it kinda suits them. “Goodbye” follows as his gloom continues. “Ghosts” is somewhat apt early on – it’s the sound of a dying dog, dying to be put down! Tonight’s set is so far removed from my previous encounter of the band, which was much more upbeat. “I Drown” seemingly extends the negative vibe. “Shauny Suicide” (lead guitar/b.vox) spends most of the set shoegazing, looking up only occasionally. Sammy Stitch (bass/b.vox) is hidden away at the back but no less important. The rather sensibly monikered Frank (drums) keeps a steady beat at the back. I’m somewhat enthused by ‘Lucid Dreaming’ which lifts the gloom a little with a clearer vocal, before they end their set with a Misfits cover, (Dig Up Her Bones). They depart to moderate applause and one can only hope tonight was a one-off.

Miseria Hallows
Miseria Hallows 1

Next up, all the way from Thanet come Rats Nest. It’s their first visit to The Cellar where they announce themselves in explosive form. It’s loud, it’s heavy and it’s Hardcore Punk and some. The first song (Blood Clot) lyrically is virtually indecipherable, such is the vocal onslaught. However, when they bring the whole sound down a touch they really find their feet. The lyrics start to become clear and the anthemic choruses start to appear. “Answers” comes next and it’s as if we’re watching a different band when they play “Wiseman”; which stays in the same vein but is less aggressive, while “Terror” is anything but. Kaos (drums) is hitting with an unerring ferocity, while Skunk (bass/b.vox) shares vocal duties with Stick (guitar/vox). In fact, Skunk reminds me of comedian Steve Punt, but the similarities end there. “Beneath The Skin” precedes the interestingly titled “Oink Oink” as these guys parade their anthemic choruses on their sleeves. “Lowest Form Of Hate” is their standout track while they end where they started on the shouty “Stick to Your Guns”. Rats Nest have made a good impression down here tonight, confirmation of their well-deserved spot on this year’s Rebellion Introducing Stage, where I am reliably informed they clash with tonight’s headliners.

Rats Nest
Rats Nest 1234

And so to that very band. Tonight’s headliners need no introduction. Probably the area’s hardest working Punk band The Mistakes have pulled a decent crowd, in a venue the size they rarely play anymore. Call it a hometown gig if you like but tonight we are rewarded with a huge set of classic original songs. Another intro song gets the ball rolling before they launch into the rather apt “Underdogs”. Ross (vox) is in fine early form, despite the lack of stage space. “Brainstorm” is newer and a classic Punk song – harsh and angry. “God Knows What We’re Doing Here” has a certain poignancy as one or two punters move into the pit. “Sin City” precedes crowd fave “Together” which starts the Skanking. Live fave “Never Be Quiet” gets the singalong it deserves as Ross (lead vox) rabble-rouses the venue into life, along with some acapella Irish folk songs. The set is bass-heavy throughout (Richie) and the drums pound all night (Lewis). James is on lead guitar duties and completes the line-up.

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 12345678910111213

“Grave Digger” seems new to me while “Dead” is hugely popular with this crowd. Shane (guitar/b.vox) passionately introduces “Quitters Get Nothing”, with an ode to his own life story. “Walk Tall” stays in the same vein, this time Ross joining the pit for an impromptu singsong. Their most vocal fan of the evening gets his wish after much shouting as they dedicate “CCTV” to Kev. Kev responds with “I Fuckin’ Love You” and some energetic moves. They depart us on “Self Control” and everyone leaves hot, sweaty and happy.

The Mistakes just seem to go from strength to strength as their trajectory keeps rising. Good to see they are grounded enough to come and play a small local show. Their rise and rise has come down to one thing – hard graft. A band who put in the hard miles and the rewards keep a comin’. Their return to Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival is recognition of this. Not stuck in one Punk genre either – they will appeal to ’77 Punks/Skins/StreetPunks and many more within the scene. What maybe sets them apart tho’ is the gang mentality, a line-up that has seen no changes in 10 years. Long may this continue.

Miseria Hallows
Intro track (revelations/Hellmouth intro)
Welcome to the Hellmouth
I Drown
Lucid Dreaming
Dig Up Her Bones (Misfits cover)

Rats Nest
Blood Clot
Beneath the Skin
Oink Oink
Lowest Form of Hate
Stick to your Guns

The Mistakes:
God Knows…
Sin City
That’s What You Get
Never Be Quiet
Grave Digger
Quitters Get Nothing
Walk Tall
CCTV (for Kev)




Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.

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