Chaplins, Cellar Bar Boscombe

The Committee

Its Thursday night at the Cellar Bar & a welcome return to Rubber Soul. After a long hiatus its back with two bands making their debuts. First up are a six piece Soul act called Doris.


They deliver a set of Soul covers that clearly pleases this crowd, the highlight being their rendition of ‘Tainted Love’. Sally (vox) has the perfect voice for this band & they look great too. One feels this wont be a one-off.

Headliners tonight are The Committee, also d├ębutantes – although most will recognise singer Martin (Ruddock) from his many other bands & Angus (Henry’s Phonograph) among others. Their sound is a little more difficult to describe. There’s elements of Prog, Psychedelia,Garage, and with most bands associated with Mr. Ruddock, Indie! They open with ‘What a Drag’, a wall of sound emerges with squally feedback filling the room. There’s a hint of ‘Purple Haze’ in this song but it doesn’t last & then their experimentalism begins. Once again for a debut their delivery is accomplished, even if the song-endings aren’t too polished.

The Committee

‘Get My Goat’ and ‘Murders # 5’ carry on in the same vein but ‘Phillip K Dick’ is largely disappointing. Latterly, Joey’s vocals come to the fore more & remind (this reviewer) of Siouxsie Sioux. I’m sure I wont be thanked for that comparison! I’m not sure where the flute fits in to their sound but at this early stage who am I to be critical. Angus’s proggy middle 8’s however fit perfectly,especially on set closer ‘You Need Our Love’ which is simply superb. Although the bulk of tonights crowd are here for Doris, they wont have gone home disappointed with The Committee. One only hopes on tonights performances they are afforded a bigger room next time around to air their undoubted talents. ROSS.

Set Lists
The Magic Touch
Tainted Love
Mr. Bigstuff
Now That You’ve Made Up Your Mind
Have Love, Will Travel
Sunshine Of Your Love
Don’t Burst My Bubble.

The Committee
What A Drag
Get My Goat
Murders #5
Phillip K Dick
Stone The Crows
You Need Our Love

Words & Pictures by Ross Ferrone.