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Tonight saw industrial rock giants KMFDM playing at a smaller than usual venue. Having seen them a few times at larger venues around London, to have them playing almost on the doorstep of Rock Regeneration was sure to be something special. The stage was framed with two banners showing “Symbols”, harking back to the 1997 album of the same name, interesting as the new album this year is “WTF!?”.

Talking Heads: Dreams Divide
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The evening kicked off with Dreams Divide, a local band, who seem to have shrunk from a three piece down to two, whilst increasing the number of tube lights on their synth stand! This does not appear to have altered their sound, and if anything there was more energy than the first time we saw them, which happened to be their first gig. With this increased energy came more confidence, as David used the entire stage, as well as getting down onto the dance floor. With Gems vocals providing a great contrast to Daves lead. As the set progressed they played most of their debut album “Puppet Love”, and received great, and deserved, response from the audience.

Talking Heads: I Am Immune
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Next up on stage were 4 piece “I Am Immune”, proclaiming ironically, that they all had colds. They started with a sound of comprised of pounding drums and bass, and by the second track the audience was taking more interst in them. With their third track, “Losing Control” was introduced as “about a doughnut maker putting marmalade instead of jam in his doughnuts”. This was followed by the slower track, “Divide By Zero”, however Pete expressed concern about rowdyness in the crowd, and claimed to have seen some toe tapping, and head nodding. They had a serious intense sound, but humourous inter-song chat.

Certainly of the four acts tonight they were the odd one out, and sounded a little flat, but this was no doubt due to a failure of their immune system. Finishing with “Meat Machine” they were impressed with everyone being happy despite being goth, as they described it “like a death advent calendar”. I would certainly be interested in seeing these guys again.

Talking Heads: Army Of The Universe
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Next up was Italian band “Army of the Universe”, who took to the stage waving a large banner. With a sound very similar to KMFDM the crowd immediately took to them. The pace slowed a little for “Goodnite” but still maintained the energy. The pace slowed again for “Razor”. Despite this they still held the attention of the audience. They managed to make each each track flow almost seemingly in style and tempo.

They performed an interesting and brutal (in a good way!) cover of Bjorks “Army Of Me”. Which got a few interesting noises from the audience, but was well received, and well performed. Ending with “Hollywood Drama” it was a shame to see them leave the stage. This was their first time in the UK, and hopefully not their last. I will be looking out for these guys again in the future.

At 21:50 KMFDM took to the stage, the crowd had swelled, and you could feel the anticipation. Opening with Krank they took no enemies as Sascha sung out “dirty bomb” and audience were instantly moving! “Bait and Switch” saw Sascha pounding at the technology on his pulpit, with Lucia’s vocals almost drowned out by the audio onslaught. But it was with Tohuvabohu that things started to get really active, and the energy continued. “Looking For Strange” seemed a little flat, but this did not detract from the energy on stage or coming from the audience. Next up was “Spectre” with William Wilson from Legion Within, providing a brief vocal respite for Sascha and Lucia. This was followed by “Megalomaniac” whichsaw the energy in the crowd return, after a brief departure!

Talking Heads: KMFDM
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They played a variety of tracks from the back catalogue, with some of the old classics, such as “A Drug Against War” getting an amazing response as the audience chanted KMFDM during the opening. It was at this song the mosh pit reached it’s peak, and Saschas pulpit nearly got knocked over, with a warning that the show would have to end if it actually toppled! As they progressed through each track the audience response kept growing.

With the heckles being for Juke Joint Jezebel, sadly not played. After a solid hour they left the stage after “Hau Rock” with the crowd shouting out for more, and they returned to tremendous applause. The encore started with any interesting Banjo style intro to WWIII. William Wilson returned to stage for “Day of Light”, and the band ended with “Godlike”. Compared to the larger venues where I have seen them play, this was by far the best. The crowd response was far better, the gig was more intimate, and the sound was as good as ever.

KMFDM Setlist
Come On – Go Off
Bait & Switch
Potz Blitz!
Looking for Strange
Spectre (vocals by William Wilson)
Rebels in Kontrol
A Drug Against War
Hau Ruck

Day of Light (vocals by William Wilson)


Army Of Universe

I Am Immune

Dreams Divide” target=”-new”>” target=”_new”>

Dreams Divide

I Am Immune

Army Of The Universe


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