Demonstrations by Holika

Coming soon to the Bournemouth Folk Festival are Holika. They met in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, when Dorian and Ben were in their final year at sixth form, and Tori, just about to start. They came together through a mutual love of making ‘selfish’ music. By this, what they were interested in, was making music that THEY wanted to hear, while adhering to the influences of each member. They didn’t really plan to have a certain type of sound or want to fit into any particular genre. This 2 year period was really a time for experimentation and to make their introduction on the local midlands music scene.

What was happening at this point, was a juvenile form of what their sound encapsulates now – the early musical ancestor, to what would evolve, in sound and style, to become Holika. Roll on another 2 years. Now in Bournemouth, both working, and studying at uni, they sought salvation in the form of the Bournemouth Folk Club. After witnessing some mesmerising and truly captivating performances by artists such as Clive Carroll, Bob Brozman, and Martin Simpson, they gained a real enthusiasm for wanting to create and perform new musical works, with a greater understanding and a honed approach to thier craft.


Now under the name Holika, they debuted as a band opening for Carly Bryant at the Bournemouth Folk Club, which led to their billing at the Purbeck Folk Festival on merit from Paul Burke (festival organiser & folk club owner).

In short, if you had to put a date on it, Holika started January 2011.


Now located in Bristol, they aim to take their music to a wider audience and develop a fan base through Bristol’s renowned live music scene, whilst at the same time hoping to gain valuable media exposure. they also hope to make an impact on next years festival circuit and solidify themselves into the popular music culture of today.

Demonstartions EP
Kicking off with the intriguing “Corner of a Circle” there is very light and airey feel to the sound. With dual guitars providing an intricate backdrop for Tori’s engaging voice which draws you in, with the overall effect of providing a wonderful summery feel whilst I look out at the grey and miserable day. “Bamboo” has a more resonant, and deeper sound, driven by it’s subtle, almost jazzy, bass line, with clever intertwined guitar work, and no doubt the added advantages of studio work pulling in more layers to enrich the sound. Whilst “Hunters Hands” returns with that summery feel, although deeper lyrics beautifully delivered.

Their desire to produce selfish music has yielded a very smooth and polished sound. They are not pushing boundaries in any obvious way, but they are definitely not producing something which would be considered tired, or boring.

“Demonstrations”? – demonstrated, these guys are more than capable, not just performing, but also producing. Hopefully this is just the start!


Their self-produced debut EP “Demonstrations” is available through the usual media outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify, and can be heard over at:

Line Up
Tori Maries – Vocals
Ben Brooks – Guitar
Dorian Meadows – Guitar

Vocal and Instrument tuition is also available from each member of the band:
For Vocal lessons with Tori Maries contact –
For Guitar lessons with Dorian Meadows & Ben Brooks contact –

Some of the words by Jon.

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