Peyote Smile by Dead Shed Jokers

Rising from their previous incarnation, “The Gubbins”, Dead Shed Jokers have produced a mighty album with “Peyote Smile”, producing a retro sound, which seems to come directly form the 70’s, yet timeless. With plenty of attitude, and energy – yet a feeling of fun.

Opening with “Is This Your Life?” asking the uncompromising “What are we all trying for?”. This certainly sets the town for the rest of the album.

As the album progresses I am reminded in places of Danzig, especially “Means To An End”, albeit no demonic overtones, or goth rock pretensions (although the odd hing of Nick Cave is there, along with some Led Zeppelin) – but a good solid raw old school rock sound, with a more modern day attitude.

Peyote Smile by Dead Shed Jokers

The surprise track is “Jack the Lad”, as the track takes a slower stance, yet still blending with the rest of the album as Hywels vocals perfectly match the laid-back sound, and underlying harmonica.

The catchiest, possibly the most accessibly track, is “Jericho”, showing a more commercial aspect to the band. But still a great track fueled with energy and unrelenting.

The album closes with “Means To An End”, a short acoustic reprise “Means To An End”.

This is a great album, with superb riffs, solid sound. This album is worth checking out. Rock as it should be. Highly recommended.

Line Up
Hywel – Voice
Nicky and Kris – Guitars
Luke – Bass
Ashley – Drums

Is This Your Life?
Interesting Point, But…
Jack The Lad
Means To An End
Peculiar Pastimes
Magic Teatime
Tabloid Hangover
Too Quick For Comfort
The Knot
Monkey Song
Means To An End (A Reprise)

Words by Jon.

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