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Featuring: The General Public/Paint It Blue/Peace Love & Gloves/Yellowgroove/Know One

And so we are here for the first Semi Final of this years Dorset Music Awards. First on are local funkers The General Public, a confident 4 piece. The sound is clean, clear, and crisp while singer reminds me of John Power in his vocal delivery and mannerisms. They open with a song titled “Boring” which is anything but, however the overriding sound they create is one of funk. I for one would have to challenge them on their influences though, there’s nothing Indie about them and certainly no Nirvana! Musicianship however is not in doubt. The bass is funky and the drums proficient but I just feel the singer is trying that little bit too hard. Despite the first band on stigma they receive decent applause throughout their set and I’m sure make some new friends and fans tonight.

Mr. Kyps: The General Public
The General Public:0102030405060708

Second on are Blues/Rockers Paint it Blue. They have a few fans with them who start the first wave of dance floor action tonight. For me its a struggle to get excited about Paint it Blue-yes they have talent in abundance but when most of the songs sound the same it all becomes a little formulaic (to me). I could have virtually predicted when the big middle-8 was going to kick in on most of the songs! Hannah has a good vocal and an accent I cant quite place while Ed’s harmonica work gives a nice added dimension but as with the General Public I’m just not getting excited. “Give In To Me” is probably their standout track and I wish them well but tonight’s competition is very strong and I for one would be amazed to see them reach the final. They also leave to generous applause.

Mr. Kyps: Paint It Blue
Paint It Blue:0102030405060708

Third on are Peace,Love & Gloves. If ever there was a band determined to make a statement of intent then Peace, Love & Gloves on tonight’s performance do it in spades. First, get the bar-staff all wearing your T-shirts. Secondly, get all your fans in similar attire and make sure they’re heard loudly. Finally, nail it with a set of killer tunes. They open with (for me) their best tune “Bang Bang Bang”. The crowd go wild singing along in unison. Between each song their rabble-rousing fans shout the now well rehearsed chant of “Goujon, Goujon”!! Its more like being at a football match than a gig, but its a killer tactic. Mark’s vocals and between song banter are confident all night while Rikki (guitar) is grinning like he’s just won the cup! Bradley’s bass is unfussy throughout, almost shoegazy while Jason’s drumming is also confident. Two songs in rapper Jordan joins them onstage for 2 numbers, this only seems to up the fervour for this band. Throw out a few more free T-shirts and end your set with a monster of a tune, called “Monster” ironically! These guys to me are “nailed on” for the final and would be an A&R mans dream, but I’m not part of the judging panel so we shall wait and see.

Mr. Kyps: Peace, Love, and Gloves
Peace, Love, and Gloves:0102030405060708091011

Fourth on are Rockers Yellowgroove. How on earth they are going to follow Peace, Love & Glove’s set it anyones guess. Things don’t start too well when Simon (vox) has a reverb problem with his guitar. Ben (bass) and Mark (guitars) are left with no option but to jam. Once Simon is ready they open with a tune called ‘Son Of a Working Man’ which (to this reviewer) has a spaghetti western musical feel to it. Simons vocal ‘howls’ are a sight to behold but they grow with confidence throughout. Caught somewhere in a mash-up of styles they deliver Rock/Western/Garage/Tribal,its impossible to pigeonhole them. What they don’t lack is talent and energy. ‘Manimal’ sees more howling while ‘Lovin Man’ is their standout tune. They also have an exuberant side and use the stage well-no shoegazing amongst this band! Yellowgroove have a strong fan base on tonight’s showing and they win me over with good confident performing. They end with ‘Blood’ which is what they needed to sweat to follow PLG. Yellowgroove are a niche band and unlike anything I have witnessed on the local scene,so I expect to see more of them in future. They leave to good applause.

Mr. Kyps: Yellowgroove

Its now 11pm and Know One take to the stage. Being last on could be a ‘poisoned chalice’,but for these local skankers its probably perfect. As with PLG they have a large energetic following and its not long before they all start moving. Having witnessed this band in the quarter finals I hoped they’d be afforded a stage big enough to both perform and ‘skank’ on. They don’t waste that space! Dean (vox) takes an early opportunity to applaud the previous bands-good tactic. He is in fine fettle tonight and on set highlight ‘Breakdown’ the whole place is jumping. At the end one fan emulates PLG’s fans with a chorus of “Know One Know One”-this crowd needs no encouragement and promptly joins in. Callum and Andy (trumpets) continue the skanking but this band as a whole are on the money. ‘I Am Invisible’ is another standout track and by now the whole room is moving. As I said recently if awards are given for endeavour then these guys are a shoe-in. One can only hope these guys also make the final as a larger stage is where they belong. They end the night to rapturous applause,fully deserved.

Mr. Kyps: Know One
Know One:0102030405060708091011

The General Pubic

Paint It Blue

Peace Love & Gloves



Review by Ross Ferrone
Pictures and funky dance moves by Alex Freeman.

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