Empires Fade

The North is known for its constant production of metal master class, so naturally it was expected of Manchester based melodic hardcore band, Empire Fade to follow suit. With influences including Parkway Drive and August Burns Read, it’s understandable to hear that their sound fuses a mixture of frenetic guitar work and ferocious double bass to create music overflowing with melody, crushing beatdowns and pit-inducing 2-step riffs.

Introducing this EP’s brutality factor is “Virtues”, which was released last month along with an impressive music video to boot. From the off, chaotic riffs tear into my ear drums along with their self described ferocious double bass to allow front man Callum Galbraith to unleash his throaty screams into this vicious opener. Sadly, you do get the impression that this band may have simply wanted to equal the efforts of their superiors occasionally, as although this EP sound impressively huge at times, there is a lack of originality as occasionally the guitar tones replicate those of Australian metalcore giants, Parkway Drive.

Empires Fade

One thing is certain, after just the opening couple of songs, this band have showed they know how to pack a beatdown or two at every opportunity. It was a shame not to hear more clean vocals in this EP, as their melodic elements fit around their vocalists tones perfectly. Final track “Reflection” draws things to a close in a familiarly brutal fashion, as eccentric drumming and intricate guitar riffs wrap themselves around Galbraith’s relentless vocal work.

This EP is certainly not flawless, as “Hope” stands out as a bit of a disappointment, but the rest of the EP can be put down as a triumphant effort for this band. They fully deserve their place in Kerrang Magazine’s “Top 10 Unsigned UK Bands”, and I am now eagerly awaiting their debut album this year, along with an exciting tour announcement (according to their Facebook page). Stick this on play…and let the chaos begin.


Track Listing
1. Virtue
2. The Highest Highs
3. Volition
4. Hope
5. Reflection

Words by George Fullerton

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