Centre Stage, Bournemouth Folk Club


After quite a while away from the live music circuit Dorset Music Award winners “Fearne” are finally back with a gig at the Centre Stage in Bournemouth, which is a warm up for their appearance at the Bournemouth Folk Festival at the Bournemouth International Centre on 23rd March. The band have been out of the public eye recording their difficult second album called “Songs On Postcards”, it is as usual with most bands taking longer than expected, however it should be released by late summer or early autumn.

Fearne have hand picked two quality support bands to join them on stage this evening, the 1st is fellow Bournemouth band “Fish Out Of Water”, a 3 piece acoustic folk trio who feature Adam Phillips (Guitar/Vocals), Ash Gannicott(Guitar) and Jenny Sutcliffe(Vocals). They start their set with a couple of covers including a radically reworked version of the Stereophonics “Dakota” which is difficult to accept with female vocals, but actually works well in this form. The band’s own material was worth waiting for and it came it the form of a number called “Wooden Boat” which with combined vocals and intricate guitar work sound impressive. Their last number the up tempo “Down By The Riverside” which featured guest Rob who joined the band on harmonica to end the set with some style, the band left the stage to plenty of applause.

Centre Stage: Fish Out Of Water
Fish Out Of Water:0102

“The Haiku” from Wiltshire were up next and they are normally a three piece but tonight are just a two piece made up of Phil Cooper(Guitar/Vocals) and Bert(Drums), tonight is the beginning of a short tour to promote their newly released 13 track album “Among The Stars”. Their songs are well written and infectious and although tonight’s audience were not really well squinted with “The Haiku” they were soon singing along to the catchy choruses, with songs such “To The Night” written about the nightmare of clock watching insomnia and the pleasant tones of “I Will”. Phil Cooper is a talented singer song writer along the lines of Glen Tillbrook of Squeeze and the short set tonight has just wetted the audience’s appetite for hopefully a return in the future with a full band which will show what the “The Haiku” are truly capable of.

Centre Stage: The Haiku
The Haiku:01

Tonight there is a really great turn out and with the place virtually full, “Fearne” take to the stage a really warm welcome and kick off full of their usual confidence with familiar number “Different Tune”. They are playing as a full band tonight with drums, electric guitar and bass and sound great with the acoustics in this place really complimenting them. This evening gives the band a chance to perform some of their new material from the forth-coming album, a 3 part song called “French Love Song” which shows the band’s versatility in adapting different skills in creation, apparently Alex wrote this while he was being paid to do another job.

Centre Stage: Fearne

Alex states this is Fearne do prog rock, in reality this is more “Pop Prog”, and very good it is too. The songs new and old come thick and fast each thrilling every member of the audience, the great thing about Fearne is that they are comfortable in any setting whether it is a Festival, Concert Hall, Pub or Folk Club they certainly know how to entertain. The band go off for a slightly ‘staged’ encore and lead singer Alex beds stuns the audience with a jaw dropping acapella number, where he walks around the room singing perfect vocals to a heart felt number. The rest of the band join Alex back on stage and they finish up with another new number the very infectious “Skinny Wrists”, the band leave the stage, thanking everyone politely as they leave, while the room erupts in mass applause and appreciative shouts……..Fearne are back!!!!

Fearne Set List
Different Tune
Morning After
Throw A Stone
French Love Story
The Coat Song
These Games Were Made For Kids Like Us
Master Craftsman
Colour Faded Back To Grey
Dote On You
Skinny Wrists


The Haiku

Fish Out Of Water


Words, Pictures and Video Dave Chinery(Chinners)