Ocean Rooms, Weymouth Pavilion

Glamour Of The Kill

“Glamour of the Kill” are about to depart on the ‘Invade The Stage’ tour of mainland Europe with “Yashin” and “Dear Superstar”, before this they have a matter of an intimate warm up show at the Ocean Rooms in Weymouth. As you would expect the venue have sold it’s full allocation of tickets, so with a packed venue of expectant fans and a full supporting cast of 4 great bands, it should be a great night.

1st on are local lads “Biproxy” who do their best to warm up the crowd with some high spirited rock, it not always easy to be 1st on, but they do a decent job of opening the show and got a good reaction from the early crowd with a song all about S & M called “Bound and Gagged”, and ending with a passable cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of”.

Silent Prophecy
Biproxy: 0102

Things start to kick off when “As Flames Rise” take to the stage, this melodic 6 piece metalcore band really bring an injection of energy to the Ocean Rooms tonight, with their dual vocalists providing some combinations of extreme brutal growls combined with fast paced melodic guitars. The crowd really get involved when the singers Craig and Matty command everyone to get down low on the floor and get naked, copying something they saw at a Festival recently (Possibly Skindred at Takedown), this works a treat and ends in total chaos, just as the band wanted.

Silent Prophecy
As Flames Rise :0102

In a similar vein “The Ashirra” aim to cause more chaos among the willing audience, vocalist Chris and his guitarist perform a good deal of the set amongst the crowd in the mosh pit. The band make sure everyone gets involved with various chaotic circle pits and walls of death to keep everyone more than entertained. Musically “The Ashirra” are once again a twin guitar metalcore outfit who deliver with a real passion straight in to the faces of their audience who seem to enjoy every minute.

The Ashirra
The Ashirra :0102

Having toured India and America with the likes of “Lacuna Coil” and “Mudvayne”, “Cypher 16” should have no trouble with entertaining this intimate Weymouth crowd. They start with a good deal of fast paced guitars with lots of head banging, performing songs from the recently released 6 track EP ‘The Metaphorical Apocalypse’ which is available free from their website. Lead singer Jack Doolan and hyperactive bass player Carl Dawkins direct the energetic audience into the largest circle pit of the night along with a bone shaking wall of death. Cypher 16’s sound features echoes of “Metallica” and “Bullet For My Valentine” with their own original spin on this classic style of sound, they set things up perfectly, making way for the headliners.

Cypher 16
Cypher 16 :0102
Silent Prophecy
Glamour of the Kill :010203

By the amazing reaction of the crowd when “Glamour Of The Kill” take to the stage this is just what everyone has been waiting for, the quality supports bands just acted as hors d’oeuvres to this main course. Glamour Of The Kill’s Davey Death is sporting a smart new hair cut since the last tour, cutting his long locks for something a bit more modern. The four piece from York power through a set that includes some quality cuts from the excellent debut album “The Summoning” with songs such as “Lost Souls” and “If Only She Knew” providing some great sing-a-long choruses for the audience to sing back at the band. Davey tries a bit of an impersonation of the local Dorset accent and fails miserably, getting a bit of banter going with the locals is always a key to winning over the audience and Davey always does this well. A cover of classic rock band Kiss’s “Love Gun” is despatched with lots of approval and the band’s time ends with “Feeling Alive”, they leave the stage with mass appreciation, but sadly as the curfew time has been reached there is no encore, a short but a truly great performance from one of our great British bands who now go off in to Europe to show everyone there British music is still great.
Glamour Of The Kill

Cypher 16

The Ashirra

As Flames Rise


Review, Pictures and Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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