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Darren Hodson & The Southern Companion, Jack Grace, Bad Magic, The Devils Rejects and Pachango

Dorset Music Awards

The second Semi Final of the Dorset Music Awards brings together five bands all with totally different styles all fighting it our for a place in the final four who will perform at the Bournemouth O2 Academy for a chance to win a host of prizes along with the coveted Dorset Music Awards trophy.

The first Semi Finalist to take to the stage is “Darren Hodson and The Southern Companion” this 7 piece band’s sound is firmly cemented from plenty of Americana influence, their smooth tunes and expertly played guitars provide a great opening to the evening. Darren in his now trade mark trilby style hat and check shirt performs songs from his recently released album “Short Stories & Tall Tales”, the songs are very easy to listen to with a laid back feel which seem to get better with each listen.

Mr. Kyps: Darren Hodson
Darren Hodson and the Southern Companions: 0102030405060708
Mr. Kyps: Jack Grace
Jack Grace: 0102030405060708

Next up is “Jack Grace” who arrives on stage on his own and starts up a song with some interesting technology which includes various foot peddles and twin microphones to create a great vocal sound, part way through the song his drummer and bass player stroll on stage to join in. In the previous rounds Jack has performed with supreme confidence, however tonight he just does not seem to be on it. Maybe it was nerves but the confidence does not seem to be there, which is a great shame as when he is on form he can put on one hell of a show. Switching between electric and acoustic guitar Jack performs a host of original songs including “Moments” dedicated to his friends and his brilliant “As I Lie” which recently was shown on NME’s website giving Jack and his band’s a new platform to show off their great musical talents.

Mr. Kyps: Bad Magic
Bad Magic: 010203040506070809101112

We here at Rock Regeneration make no secret in our love for all things Rock and it does not get better than local Bournemouth boy’s “Bad Magic” who went out with one aim to own the Mr Kyp’s stage. As soon as they took to the stage the apparent increase in volume make everybody pay immediate attention and once the band got the audience’s attention it never left them. Lead singer Chris despite his very young age really knows how to perform, getting the audience on his side and eating out of his hand before the end of the set. The confidence of this band just grows and they even throw in a brand new song that they had only got together a few days before this performance, with “Trouble” the make it sound like it has been part of their set for ages. They end their set with live favourite ‘Light It up’ and have the audience with the hands aloft clapping along to their twin guitar classic rock sound, the final certainly beckons for their guys and hopefully a great future.

Mr. Kyps: The Devils Rejects
The Devils Rejects: 010203040506070809

From the beautiful, and nautical, Isle of Purbeck “The Devils Rejects” are up next, their brand of danceable folk rock keeps the momentum going giving everybody good reason to keep on the dance floor and move their feet. They open with “Promise of Freedom” a upbeat number combining electric and acoustic guitars with an infectious accordion sounds to great effect. The continue in the same vain bringing in an electric fiddle to change things around a bit, while the music is good and well performed, it is not always to everyone’s taste. Lead singer Matt Williams is a man of very few words and could have really of interacted a little more with the audience getting more people involved. The set ends well with “1000 Strong” and the audience gives the band lots applause in appreciation of a their decent 30 minutes on stage.

Mr. Kyps:
Pachango 0102030405060708091011121314

The final band of the evening are Bournemouth’s “Pachango” who are tonight a 10 piece orchestra, I say Orchestra as the word band does not seem enough to describe them, they have taken flavours from all styles of music from around the world to create their own unique sound, mixing hip hop, reggae, rap, pop Latin and ska to give one great hearty sound. They have plenty of fans with them here tonight all who give plenty of vocal support to those up on stage. The up tempo tunes combine guitars, flute, saxophone, drums, percussion and twin vocals, which both are radically different combining well to great effect.. It is very difficult to stand still when listening to them, their infectious music just sucks you in and takes over, especially with their final number “Warrior” which has flute hook which gets firmly stuck in your head, such is the appreciation from the crowd the band get gifted an impromptu encore to which they firmly deliver. The large O2 stage would be just perfect for these guys to show you exactly what they are made of.


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