Initially I had no idea where to start with Reventure. They describe themselves as “Four piece Electronic/Hardcore band from Winchester”…they have a unique sound, mixing Dubstep and Trance with Hardcore Rock and metal, similar to “Enter Shikari”, and “Bring Me The Horizon”, and have released several self-made music videos which are on their YouTube channel.

“Always Hunting You” is a fusion of fast paced hardcore, with screaming lyrics, pounding drums, and fast guitar work, melded with snippets of dance synths, and samples. This does not include the unique “This Wolfpack Dances To Reggae”, which has all of the above, and well, err, reggae (not forgetting the Drum and Bass remix), and a Ministry of Sound style intro (well, what little I know about Ministry of Sound)(honest). These guys are obviously not scared of merging differing genres. Judging by the videos and the energy in the music the atmosphere at their gigs must be amazing.

“Step Aside” is a harder, and faster track, taking no prisoners as it attacks the senses. yet as you get into it’s pace a stylised vocal kicks in with some skid electronics kicking in, complementing the guitar, then it all dissipates into a mellower second half.

“Geronimo” is not as harsh as “Step Aside” and makes more use of the synth work, and less screaming vocal delivery. As it starts you think this will be more of a dance track, especially around halfway through the track like Finishing up with “Jungle Killa” this is a more of an assault on the senses, than the other tracks, some great vocals off setting the screamo aspect. With more of a dub sound coming towards the end of the track.


What I love about this, is that they have taken differing styles, and made their own, in an uncompromising style. This uncompromising style is one which if you stopped to think about it shouldn’t work. Can’t work surely? It does. They take these elements and just as you think you have the track sorted in your mind it changes direction. They are taking metal sensibilities, and some dance beats coming up with something that should not really work, and that almost random nature, and diversity has a great energy, and in places humour (check out Geronimo)(well it made me smile!). In fact the more I listen to the EP, the more it grows on me.

Track Listing
This Wolfpack Dances To Techno
Step Aside
Jungle Killa


Words by Jon.

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