Alt/Punk band Kissimmee have a new EP out containing 5 tracks. Lead track “This City” has a Pop/Rock feel to it from the outset. The guitar riff throughout is great while the whole song is very “radio friendly”, as are most of the tracks on this EP. On “What I’m Worth” I can definitely hear a Chrissie Hynde-esque vocal but the influences end there. The lyrics appear heartfelt,almost personal. The guitars are very Pop/Rock once again but this is no criticism of this ballady little number. “Corey” once again is very personal, perhaps about a past relationship.


Kissimmee clearly like to write songs about love and loss which is a theme that runs heavily throughout this EP. “The Cure” takes things down a different route with the Punky drum intro,hardcore backing vocals and a noodly middle 8 to boot! Standout track (to this reviewer) is “Overdrive”, another personal song, one wonders whether was penned about a past experience/lost love. It has the hardest intro of the 5 songs with the full on “chugging” guitars and a middle 8 right out of the 80’s “hair metal” era. Most female fronted bands of this genre will always attract the obvious Paramore “label”, but Kissimmee while taking some well trodden influences have, I feel a unique sound. I look forward to catching them live.

Kissimmee are…
Drew Wale and Leigh Alexandra

The Cure
This City
What I’m Worth


Review By Ross A Ferrone.

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