Desert Storm

First I have to apologise as I was given this album a bloody year ago to review and I dropped it on my iPod and it hasn’t been off it since. Every time a track of theirs came on the shuffle I rebuked myself of not having reviewed it yet, then something else always came along and my goldfish like mind wandered off on to something else. But it’s a testament to strength of the music that their album sat happily on my pod with the likes of Clutch, Down, Kyuss, Trouble & Red Fang and wasn’t a bit out of place.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing this band live and usually when I get given an album to review the studio production doesn’t live up the power the songs have when played live. But this is one of the rare exceptions! A top notch production with guitars, vocals, bass and drums all sounding crystal clear and not like they are fighting in a muddy river. But it counts for nothing unless the songs themselves are worth listening to and believe me these stoner sludge tracks are frickin’ awesome!

Desert Storm

Opener Cosmic Drips has a bitchin’ riff that hooks you in and sets you up nicely for what is to follow. Listening to tunes such as ëOl Town, Smokes ní Liquor, The Jackal and title track Forked Tongues, my mind conjured up a post nuclear Mad Max type of desert world. Where gangs of sand blasted bikers ride around causing grievous bodily harm to all and sundry. My favourite song is South We Roll and showcases the singers gravel throated roar with plenty of swearing, this song will definitely NOT be played on the radio. The Void and Connected are slowed down proggy efforts that just beg you to kick back and take a long toke on something. Album closer Pocketwatch comes off like Tom Waits covering Black Sabbath and it’s a good thing.

Desert Storm

All in all this is a first rate debut that should have been reviewed and praised ages ago, consider myself chastised.

You can catch Desert Storm at The Anvil in Bournemouth on the 12th of May, where they are playing the Stoner, Doom and Heavy Grooves gig that is VenomFest along with Whichsorrow, XII Boar, Skeleton, Caravan Of Whores, and Nepalese Temple Ball.

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Review by Dan O’Gara.