Burn The Fleet

So finally at last I get my hands on the much anticipated new “Burn The Fleet” album and despite being prepared to fork out for it, it came free with a copy of Rock Sound magazine. The Southampton band fronted by Andrew Convey has been around on the local music scene for a while thrilling audiences with tracks from the debut EP’s which includes the excellent live favourite “Handfuls of Sand”. Burn The Fleet are fan’s of Californian post hardcore experimental rock band “Thrice” and the “Burn The Fleet” name actually came from one of their songs from the “The Alchemy Index” album.

The new album is a nine track affair and includes three tracks that have been a staple part of the bands live set for a while now “The Greatest Fire” along with singles “Black Hole” and “River Song”. These are already very familiar to me and are all great songs, but it was the newer material that I was really interested to hear. The album kicks off with a nice little intro teaser track ” In This Hole Lives The Wicked King” just laying things down for the listeners audio journey ahead. “Cenotaph” is a great track that just shows the quality of the band’s song writing and musical ability, the four of them combine beautifully on this to create a very special track with powerful well delivered vocals combining well with the original guitar rifts and chest rumbling bass lines.

Burn The Fleet

The rest of the album continues to grow on you with each listen, with songs like “Six Sisters”, “Suits” and album closer “Irish Eyes” really hitting the mark. Burn The Fleet have created a very original sound showing no real leaning to any particular style, each track is a work of art in it’s own right. The band have done a good deal of hard work on the road touring with a lot of great bands, getting their name out there, this album and 2012 could well see the band get the success the really deserve, Southampton’s pride will be embraced very soon by the rest of the UK and beyond.

Band Members
Andrew Convey (Bass Vocals)
James Swabey (Guitar)
Jack Spurway (Guitar)
Dan Northover (Drums)

In This Hole Live The Wicked King
The Greatest Fire
Six Sisters
Black Holes
An Absence of Mine
River Song
Irish Eyes


Live Dates
The Black Heart, London 25th May
The Joiners ,Southampton 26th May
Old Fire Station , Bournemouth 1st June
Finns, Weymouth 29th July

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Review By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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