If you want to listen to music that makes you want to dance and move about and will get stuck in your head for days, Subset, a 4 piece alternative rock band are the ones for you.

Subset are made up by Rom, Rob, Jay “The Sheriff” and Lya, from Dunstable, and with their punk ridden, grunge infested “fuzz rock” sound, they are full of passion, energy and overall fun,

After they were (in their words) “released into the wild” with their music in March 2009, these four guys have managed to get over 1100 likes on their Facebook page and raise £4,000 online from fans. It’s well known that a band’s fanbase are a big contribution to the music, and the band have recorded 3 EPs and 4 singles that have continued to keep the fans more than satisfied whilst as well performing over 120 sets, done 2 nationwide tours and a dozen festivals in the UK.


Subset were also a finalist at the Surface Unsigned competition, and with an upcoming tour and their new EP called Drenched being released at the end of May 2012, it’s obvious the band aren’t finished taking the UK music scene by storm just yet.

Make sure you catch them on their tour and grab a copy of Drenched; these guys are a strong combination of pure talent and fun, not something you want to miss out on.

Upcoming Shows
Sat 5th May Crouch End Festival London MainStage 8pm
Sat 5th May Private Party Walthamspstow London 9pm.
Wed 20th June Good Ship, Kilburn, London 8pm (slot time tbc)
Sat 15th July CerberFest Luton 9pm (slot time tbc)
Sat 18th August Dunstable Rocks Festival 8pm (slot time tbc)
Sun 9th Sept Stow Festival London 8pm (slot time tbc)

New EP Drenched preview

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Words by Bryanna Leigh.