Mr. Kyps, Poole

Miles and Erica

In October 2011 Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff were invited to play an intimate acoustic show at Mr Kyps, the evening went so well that they have returned by request to play on the larger main stage. Tonight’s audience have certainly increased from the last and as the expectant crowd await the 1st act of the night, an announcement is made by the house DJ that the support act has not turned up, disappointingly there is long wait until Miles & Erica take to the stage. It is a great shame that a local act could not have been contacted at the last minute as I’m sure there are many acts out there who would only been too pleased to take up this slot.

Miles and Erica finally take to the stage to a very warm welcome, they kick off with a couple of songs from their solo albums. The set up is simple with Miles on an acoustic guitar and Erica as before on fiddle. Miles explains that since their last visit he has not had much time to gain some new experiences as he has been so busy with The Wonder Stuff touring, he apologises in advance that some of his in between song stories would be the same as before. As always he is engaging and full of chatter, introducing each song with an interesting story, however the sting in his tail was shown when some of the audience decided to keep chatting while he was speaking and in some short words he asked them to shut up. One of the evenings highlights was a great song from the solo album “Catching More Than We Miss” called “Plans In The Sky” where Miles combines his vocals with some great harmonies from Erica whom it seems is not just a great fiddle player.

Miles and Erica

Miles and Erica 

The set comprised of a good deal of songs from the great album ‘Never Loved Elvis” , the crowd responded very well to these familiar tunes and gladly sang along to all the words. There were a few special treats in the form of a brand new track from the forth-coming brand new ‘Wonder Stuff” album out in November 2012 called “Oh No it’s The Wonder Stuff”. The song was called “Right Side Of The Turf”, which was inspired by a chat in their local pub with an old gent called “George” who is 82 Years of age and had a visit to the Doctors for a check up. The other treats were in the form of a couple of covers “Save it For Later” by The Beat, and Slade’s “Far Far Away” which were reproduced in their very own original style.

They left the stage after performing for over an hour, delivering a first class set of top quality music, of course the audience were not going to let them go quietly and demanded they return for more. The two of them obliged with two of the Wonder Stuff’s better know hit’s “Caught In My Shadow” and “Don’t Let Me Down Gently”, at this stage the atmosphere in the place was great with the whole of the venue joining in with the chorus in a very enthusiastic style. In December the “Wonder Stuff” are going out on tour with two other great bands of the 90’s “Jesus Jones” and “Pop Will Eat Itself”, wouldn’t it be great if the full band would come to Mr. Kyps, we can dream can’t we?

Right Side Of The Turf

Mission Drive

Far Far Away

Fill Her Up Foot Down
Mission Drive
The Cake
Plans In The Sky
False Start
Welcome To The Cheap Seats
Stay Scared Stay Tuned
Right Side Of The Turf
Golden Green
Far Far Away(Slade)
Save It For Later(The Beat)
Room 512
The Day The World Turned (X-Ray Spex)
Here Comes Everyone

Caught In My Shadow
Don’t Let Me Don’t Gently


Words, Pictures & Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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