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It’s the Queens Jubilee so what better way to spend the evening listening to 3 Punk bands. First up are recent recruits to the NOFX stable Margate. Margate are an American 3 piece Punk band who cite some diverse influences. To this reviewer theres a definite nod towards Blink 182, especially with their humour and between song banter. They surprise most in this audience with a cover of the Police’s “Synchronicity” which they do rather well, cut between slabs of their own material. While they dont greatly excite me they receive good applause from this half full venue.


What more could be said or written about tonights 2nd support, none other than Punk Legends UK Subs. They go on and do what is becoming their regular set of classics from the back catalogue. They open with Emotional Blackmail which in turn starts the “dancing” among the “older” members of the audience! “Tomorrows Girls” is a highlight as is the ever popular “Warhead” which gives the band the first big singalong. Having seen the Subs more recently at the now “deceased” Champions, its good to see Charlie and Co afforded a bigger stage. As usual Jamie’s drumming is frenetic while Alvin is tonights shapeshifter. Jet (guitar) is as confident as ever. Charlie takes us “Down on the Farm” once more and they too leave to great applause.

UK Subs
UK Subs 1

NOFX arrive onstage a good 10 minutes late, then conspire to banter their way to their fans hearts with jokey asides and comedy songs. They open with “60%” followed by “We Called it America”. The crowd response is instant-a moshpit unlike anything seen in this venue in a while. The banter continues between band and crowd. Mohican haircuts are praised while females in the audience are picked out for band and crowd amusement! You have to hand it to NOFX,their shows aren’t dull-its all about participation! More classic tunes abound, “Eat The Meek” is a corking little ska/punk number but there really are no “duff” songs in their set. They even give us a Rancid cover in the shape of “Radio” which goes down a storm. A fair few songs tonight are culled from the ‘Punk in Drublic’ LP but it really wouldn’t matter what setlist they chose; tonight’s crowd are on, it which is reflected in their reaction in a series of circle pits. The better numbers are saved till the end – “F*ck the Kids”, the excellent “Dinosaurs Will Die” and “Leaving Jesusland”. After almost an hour they leave the stage to great applause but return for a 4 song encore. “Franco Unamerican” is a highlight before they end with crowd favourite “Bottles To the Ground” and “Kill All The Whiteman”. The lights go up as they leave the stage; however, the band take bows before singing the wholly comedic “Everyone is a Little Bit Racist”. One cant help but smile whilst singing along as the band end their set “tongue in cheek”, just as they started. A great gig enjoyed by young and old alike.

No FX 123456

Set Lists
UK Subs
Emotional Blackmail
Endangered Species
Left For Dead
Down On the Farm
Hell is Other People
Tomorrow’s Girls

We Called It America
Murder The Government
I’m Telling Tim
Insulted By Germans
Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
Leave It Alone
Eat The Meek
The Quass
Dying Degree
Perfect Government
Scavenger Type
The Quitter
The Seperation of Church and Skate
All His Suits Are Torn
Believe in Goddess
Formented and Flailing
Radio (cover)
F*ck The Kids
Dinosaurs Will Die
Leaving Jesusland

Franco Unamerican
Stickin’ in My Eye
Bottles To The Ground
Kill All The Whiteman
(Everyone Is A Little Bit Racist)

The Quitter


UK Subs


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