Chaplins, Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Agatha's Garden

Thursday night and once again Chaplin’s, Cellar Bar bar beckons for a night of top quality music hosted by Rubber Soul’s Conrad Bar. Tonight there are three bands to squeeze in to the 2 and a half hour weekly slot, all with something very different to offer.

The Snipers
The Snipers 123

First on are The Snipers, a two piece rather unusual outfit who could be described as the punk version of the White Strips or just The Ramones rhythm section. We have Neil on Bass and Angie on Drums (Meryl Hamilton From Voodoo Vegas Mum!!..looks more like her sister though) who perform a collection on fast paced original material such as “Thunderbird” along with a cover of the Ramomes “Rockaway Beach” further cementing their obvious influences.

The sound with just the bass guitar with just drums takes a little getting used to, however after a few numbers it becomes strangely hypnotic and you can feel yourself tapping your feet and nodding you head along to the music. The crowning glory of the set was a great song which included the lyrics “If I go down to Cash Recycler can I recycle you, you look old and knackered and I want someone new” believe me the chorus is infectious and you will be singing along after only hearing it once.

The Snipers

The Sabres 

The Sabres have taken an 18 month hiatus off from the local music scene and have recently returned with a brand new 11 track album “Escaping Extincion”, and a new bass player Paul. Tonight the three piece band fronted by Ritchie perform some extremely well written and well structured songs from the new album, with songs such as “CCTV” and “Full Moon” providing great entertainment with some really good quality guitar work. The Sabres very own classic rock sound is something that has been developed over a number of years since the bands inception. The band return sees a new fresh enthusiasm and a live show with some great newer songs that really impresses tonight’s audience, who provide than band with some excellent appreciation as they leave the stage.

Agatha's Garden

Agatha’s Garden 12345

Those of you old enough to remember the days of Bournemouth older alternative night clubs/Bars such as Bacchus, The Gander, and the Third Side Club might remember Agatha’s Garden the first time around performing with the like of the bands of the time such Poze, Hoedown at Hanks, and Godhead to name but a few. Agatha’s Garden reformed in September 2011 fronted by Dean Scholey to tread the boards of the local music venues once again. The three piece play songs influenced by the goth and psychedelia bands back in the day. The band provide a confident one hour set full on notable highlights including the track that they are the most remembered for “I Am In Love With A Triffid” taken from a dodgy Sci-Fi series in the 80’s called “Day Of The Triffids”. A early reworked cover of Paul McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby” would have any Beatle’s fan up in arms with their punked up version…thankfully that would be the only gripe of the evening. They have an extensive catalogue of great songs playing well pass the venue’s usual curfew, as they try to leave the stage the crowd calls the band back for more. The band end on an original classic called “Tower of Dreams” a anthemic goth style track with some great guitar work that rests somewhere between The Mission, Bauhaus and the Sisters of Mercy. A trip down memory but something worth checking out in the future as this band are still producing some great live music for all to hear.

Agatha’s Garden Set List
Statue Moves
Ultraviolet Life
Hearts N Flowers
Now I Wake Up
Eleanor Rigby
Self Defence
I Am In Love With A Triffid
Life Row
Rest In Pieces
Tower of Dreams


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Review and Video By Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Pictures By Jon Musselwhite.

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