The Bones

So here we have a Swedish punk band, who are apparently big in Germany, and growing in popularity in Europe. “Monkeys with Guns” is their 5th studio album, and I have to be honest, I have never heard of them before. So no references to their back catalogue here! With “Monkeys with Guns” they have produced a high energy fuelled pop-punk-rock album that although is easily consumed, and easy to listen, is admittedly catchy and fun. I found myself enjoying it more and more with each listen.

I get the feeling that this album has a lot of parallels, you can hear their influences quite easily, and I felt other comparisons spring to mind, with “State Of Rock ‘N Roll” with a Motorhead lyrical delivery, and both “Dead Heart Beats” and “Cemetary” Sue” had the rock feel of Lordi, “Hooligan Bop” could have come from The Ramones. Whilst their punk ethic can be heard, especially with the aggression in “Die Like A Man”, and “One Louder”…I possibly even heard some Toy Dolls, Green Day, and no doubt a few others. All these parallels might be why I have not heard of them in the UK (aside from me having limited punk experience!) when there is already a fully packed punk-pop arena. On first listen you could be fooled into thinking they are an American band, and that you have possibly heard them before.

The Bones

Does this make the album bad? Not at all, I think it is great album, with some great hooks that stick in your head, and they certainly can do their stuff. There are some great lyrics; “It is so damn easy making brand new mistakes, Without getting rid of the old” (“Concrete Cowboys”). Not too mention some great riffs, and rapid fire drumming. But it does, at times, feel like a tribute to their influences.

This does not put me off my first introduction to the band. In fact it is good way to discover them, and each time I have played the album I have really enjoyed it. Now, off to see if my local HMV has any of their catalog in stock…

The Bones

If you have heard THE BONES before, or this album, tell us what you think in the comments below!

Line Up
Spooky – drums, backup vocals, percussion
Andi – bass, lead & backup vocals, percussion Boner – lead guitar, lead & backup vocals
Beef – guitars, lead & backup vocals, percussion

Track Listing
1 Bones City Rollers (2:46)
2 Shooting Blanks (2:13)
3 Concrete Cowboys (2:46)
4 Smile Of The Cobra (2:22)
5 State Of Rock `N`Roll (2:30)
6 Dead Heart Beats (2:53)
7 Cemetery Sue (2:16)
8 Die Like A Man (2:33)
9 Burnout Boulevard (2:02)
10 Wendy (2:46)
11 One Louder (2:09)
12 Straight To Crashville (2:25)
13 The Hooligan Bop (1:48)
14 Mr. Bartender (2:14)
15 This Hound Dog Rocks (2:19)

Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:
I Feel Like Shit (1:51)
Stitch Me Up (2:22)

THE BONES online:

Iffy review by Jon.

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