The Blues Machine

It seems as though my immune system has failed me. Bedridden for the second time in a week, and I’m not enjoying it.

I’ve tried sleep, food, water and antibiotics, and yet I’m still feeling awful… although I may be over exaggerating to my family, somehow it’s a bit far fetched that I have ebola crossed with TB and dysentery.

However, in the meantime, I’ve found a way of soothing my pain. The Blues Machine.

A Christchurch three piece who are influenced by such artists as Django, Hendrix, and even Florence and The Machine, who have a album, known only as “More Than Ever”.

Lovely music, really it is, and the entire album is well balanced, no complete devotion to one style of song, which makes for a massively diverse listening experience.

The Blues Machine

A perfect soundtrack for chilling out in bed, waiting to be mended again, the soft, ballad style of “I’m So Sorry” resonating sweetly, with a rough edged, bluesy charm to it. Other Notable tracks include the ballsy Jailbait, and the gorgeous “Sweet Home Chicago”.

Frontman, and also bassist Dan Bradshaw is well suited to The Blues Machine’s style of music, a little gruff, but charming nonetheless.

The album also includes two terrific covers, one of Nina Simone’s classic “Feeling Good”, delivered in a peaceful opener, then reaches a soaring climax that is impossible for the hairs on your neck not to stand up to, and a very powerful cover of the famous “Purple Haze”, by non other than Hendrix himself. A well excecuted cover, in my opinion, a tiny bit rusty around the edges, but cheerful, and very well done.

Any critisisms? Well “rough around the edges” would be most likely the only drawback, the mixing levels seem a bit off, not enough punch to the songs, but that is the only negative I can think of.

Overall? Fantastic stuff! The Blues Machine, a well oiled affair that runs like clockwork, charming enough to put a smile on your face, on anyones face!

The Blues Machine

Track Listing
Stoop That Low
Sweet Home Chicago
I’m So Sorry
Blue Steel
More Than Ever
Feeling Good (Cover)
Down In The Dirt
Purple Haze (Cover)


Band Personel
Ash Gannicott – Guitars + Keys
Dan Bradshaw – Bass + Vocals
Connor Fox – Drums/Percussion + Backing Vocals

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