Wow, having been listening to a ton of Doom Metal recently its mega refreshing to have an album like this land on my desk. Sanguine are a female fronted four-piece from the Southwest and are currently kicking up a ruckus on the UK music scene. Having had a slot on the Jagermeister stage at this year’s Download and a support with the mighty Megadeth, things are really starting to take off for them.

The album is an eclectic mix of styles, with huge hooky riffs and immense vocal histrionics. Band founder and songstress Tarin Kerrey displays a full range of vocal prowess across the entire opus, from beautiful clean singing on A Place That You Call Home to fierce screaming on Territory and just about everything else in between. Guitarist (and Tarin’s song writing collaborator) Nick Magee unleashes some really chunky clean riffs that force the listener to start to bang their heads with a passion. The rhythm section of Tom Sherwood and Matt Feld keep the whole thing ticking along like clockwork.

The record overall is geared towards a radio friendly audience, at times very Goth rock, with a Marilyn Manson feel to the tunes (especially on Anger Song, Live Consume Drive), it suddenly turns Pop Metal (Contagious) and asks you to get up and dance! Then they turn the tables and deliver some balls out rock (For Love, In The Sky, Given Up, Don’t Change). A particular favourite is the Full Metal Jacket inspired Bangkok NIghts which shows a sense of humour in the song writing process.


I have to say this album is a real good ‘un, uplifting and a perfect soundtrack for the summer, let’s just hope the sun comes out to play as well!

Words by Dan O’Gara.

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