Brave Mariner

Bournemouth’s Brave Mariner have just released a new 6 track EP which is available from their bandcamp site for free, the band have recently performed one of their biggest ever shows in front of many thousands of people at Ashley Cross’s “Groove’s On The Green” and also the have another gig at Mr Kyp’s in Poole on 3rd August supporting top R.E.M. tribute act. R.E.M. UK.

The band themselves are part of a healthy evolving music scene with lots of different exciting projects on the go, with members popping up all over the place in different guises. The four piece band have a very light hearted outlook on life and write songs with the benefit of lots of caffeine and large amounts of zany humour without taking anything too seriously. The band’s sound can be compared to 90’s indie pop bands such as Echobelly and Sleeper with hooky guitar lines and extremely catchy choruses.

Brave Mariner

The EP opens with “Facey Friend” a sort of Mickey take of the social networking site, the track contains a non stop fuzzy guitar riff through the track with Joey’s fairly dark and sometimes sinister vocals, the next track “Ex Lover” is in a similar vein with a very pleasing guitar hook part way through. “Trees With Diamond Leaves” is probably the stand out song of the EP with the infectious “whoo hooo” vocals and the A-ha “Take on Me” style keyboards.

Brave Mariner

The more you listen to the EP the more influences you can hear, the band seem to have put their combined parents record collections in a blender and come out with some thing quite original. The songs are easy to listen and it is also easy to relate to what the band are singing about, with everyday situations covered within the lyrics. It is refreshing to hear a female fronted pop band within this usually male dominated music scene. I strongly urge you to check them out I promise you won’t be disappointed their music certainly contains a little bit of something for everyone.

Joey Daly – Vocals
Angus Rudd – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Albert Dyad – Bass
Thomas Browning – Percussion, Vocals

Track Listing
1. Facely Friend
2. Ex Lover
3 Trees With Diamond Leaves
4 Spoke Too Soon
6 Ungodey Notion

Tree With Diamond Leaves(Live)

Ungodly Notion

Download the EP here for free:


Review By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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