The debut EP by interestingly named Bath Rockers Ataraxis Vibration has fallen into the hands of Rock Regeneration-so what do we think? Opening with “Nothing Lasts Forever” is a good start (to this reviewer), as it doesn’t pack the obvious “Hendrix-isms” of other songs on here.

The guitars are noodly and intricate while the drumming is simple. There’s a clever guitar riff that runs almost the entirety of the song that’s not unpleasant & the vocals are strong throughout. “One International” has a big sound that echoes “Electric-era” Cult territory,especially once singer Uvonji’s vocal kicks in. Again theres some great riffage going on here amid the intricasy’s of Adam Kowalski’s guitars, accompanied by Dave’s cymbal-heavy drumming. One can imagine this being a live favourite. “Eagles” is another big slab of classic Rock, heavily reliant on Adam’s intricate guitar noodlings adam some more heavy hitting from Dave. The vocals are clean & clear from the outset & there’s more than a smattering of Hendrix going on, which doesn’t disappoint.

“Bungalow Window” opens with a Hendrix-inspired bluesy,noodly guitar sequence which sets the tone for the rest of the song. If I’m being critical its a tad self-indulgent, and at almost 7 minutes, overlong in the extreme. However,one can imagine this being their “finale” in the live arena, where I’m sure it’s magical! “Beyond the Border” stays in the Hendrix genre where once again the guitars are the centrepiece. The vocals are strong & clear as are Dave’s drums. For lovers of classic rock with a dollop of Hendrix, head in the direction of these guys,you wont be disappointed.


Track Listing
1.Nothing Lasts Forever
2.One International
4.Bungalow Window
5.Beyond the Border

Band Members
Uvonji Uzele vox/bass
Adam Kowalski guitars
David Growcott drums



Review By Ross A. “Noodles” Ferrone.

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