Zodiac N Black

The Aftermyth is the debut album from London based rockers Zodiac N Black. This first opus is a seriously catchy affair; in which huge supercool riffs abound, with thumpingly funky bass lines and rip-roaring vocal display from singer Jad. Guitarist Jim, bassist Hank and drummer Luca kick out the jams with maturity and confidence to produce a stunning rock album.

There is a very late 80’s Grunge feel to the whole thing! It’s as if Pearl Jam and Soundgarden formed a super group and put out a record. Don’t get me wrong though, Zodiac N’ Black aren’t copying, just drawing influence from those classic bands and channelling them through to create a sound unique to them. The whole album is one killer track after another and just begs repeated listens.

Voodoo Vegas
Zodiac N Black 12

The Aftermyth was mixed by the very talented Alex Newport (who formed the super heavy industrial band Nailbomb, with Sepultura’s Max Cavalera) who has risen to renown in the music industry as a Producer/Engineer working with such musical heavyweights like At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, and The Melvins. Standout tracks for me are the opener Bastinado, Better Off Dead, and Bad Pills.

If you like your tunes to have huge riffs with a killer groove, then I can’t recommend them enough. For fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam with a hint of Sabbath thrown in. They are on tour in September/October supporting the awesome Warrior Soul, no South Coast dates though (shame).

Zodiac N Black

Track listing
1. Bastinado
2. A Necessary Evil
3. Only The Lonely
4. The Jokes On Us
5. Better Off Dead
6. Seems Like Better Times
7. Who’s The Fool (part one)
8. Bad Pills
9. Making An Enemy
10. Lights On Blue


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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