Jonny Phillips

The red-haired rainbow hippy Jonny Phillips; who can usually be found fronting Bournemouth’s Surf/Folk band Willowen, is about to release his debut EP in July of this year. The band have found that due to various commitments, they can only play together at certain times of the year. This leaves time for troubadour Jonny to perform and create his own music. He has been performing solo for quite a while now, in and around the venues of Dorset and Hampshire. The time is now right for Jonny to commit some of his own original tunes to an official recording, and after hooking up with Scotty Farnon at Studio Luca Audio Production “The Great Train Of Thought Robbery” was born.

The EP is a four track affair with a beautifully laid back feel, with some great songs that can transport you for a while into Jonny’s musical world. There are self-confessed songwriting and playing style influences from the legend that is Newton Faulkner, who Jonny is more than a big fan of.

The EP Kicks off with “This Keeps Happening” featuring an infectious guitar riff that rolls through the song continuously, combining perfectly with some nicely delivered light percussion. “So Hard to Read” is a well-written ditty about the difficulty of reading the needs of a potential spouse, partner or girlfriend; which has proved near impossible for generations.

Jonny Phillips

The third track “Sipping at the Sun” no doubt takes inspiration from the beautiful coastal surroundings that Jonny lives in Bournemouth. The line “I’ve been quenching my thirst, my thirst for the Summer” just about sums up how many of us feel after a long winter of cold, wet weather. The track features more progressive intricate guitar work; and the gentle, melodic vocals that you can never tire of listening to. The fourth track “Mr Investor Man” compares the devious financiers of this world with the devil in Jonny’s really unique poetic songwriting way. The song features some nice dual harmonies and though simple in its layout, it’s a delightful tune. An ardent debut that more than shows that Jonny has moved on from a self-deprecating past; and his vast experience has been put to good use, proving he is one of the areas most underrated singer/songwriters.

Track Listing
This Keeps Happening
So Hard to Read
Sipping at the Sun
Mr Investor Man


EP artwork by Martin Bass.

Words & Video by David Chinery (Chinners)

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