Coming from the the sleepy Wiltshire (okay it might be buzzing for all I know, I don’t live there. But the word sleepy nicely sums what I have seen each time I have driven through!) is the alt-rock trio known as Mortdelamer.

Fronted by Claire Sutton on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Joe Bishop on bass, and Sean Ivens on Drums, this three piece will be releasing their third studio piece “Words Within The Wires” on the 1st October. Following on from “The Man With Two Heads” (2010) and the EP “Leech” (2011).

This new 5 track EP of alternative rock (in fact you might even say prog in parts) has an almost etheral feel. In fact I was not sure where to start with this EP. I nearly wrote it off on the first listen, as not my thing. But as it came round again on the playlist the damn thing started get infectious, and it soon became apparent that they certainly know what they are doing, and the EP has a lot more going happening in it that only became apparent on these repeated plays.

It is so easy for female fronted bands to get labelled with the same brush, but these guys are offering something a little different, a little bit off the map, edgy without being aggressive. With the drums and bass providing a steady back drop, the guitar and vocals. Layer all this together, and you are left with “Words Within the Wires”, which, unless I am mistaken was a quote from a Chris Morris “article”.

“Words…” has a rock backdrop, opening with “Pieces and Reasons” you have a little indication of what is to follow. The spoken samples used give depth to the track, and add to the idea of some “words within the wires”, voices and sounds that may have been random, yet fitting. Quickly followed “I’ve Got My Backbone” which is good solid rock, although a fairly standard slice of rock, it’s grabs the listener and maintains that capability. Things start to get interesting with “Fade” which is where I think their true colours lie. Something a little more out of reach.

“The Hide” has more of a Bass driven sound with Claires vocals coming across a little more ethereal, climaxing in a cacophany of drums and explosions towards the end.

“Searching For Safety” pulls the listener from the atmospheric “The Hide”, and puts you slap back into reality with this annoyingly catchy track. And I mean that in a good way! Claires vocals pull it all together, and as the track gets under way I found my foot tapping away.

There are times when I listen to albums, that I like to be taken on a journey. It may or may not be the bands intention to be cohesive in a body of work, but I get the impression that any forthcoming album from Mortdelamer will take the listener on an interesting journey. The lyrics pull you in, the melodies hide, and grab you before you realise it. No doubt a musician would provide a better description. But for now, let Mortdelamer show you the words in the wires.

These guys seem to be touring a lot around the UK so I would look out for them, along with more dates for next year.

Track Listing
Pieces and Reasons
I’ve Got Backbone
The Hide
Searching For Safety

Words by Jon.

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