Coming this October, 15th to be exact, the 5 piece from Harrow known as Driven unleash their debut EP “A Breakdown Of Character”. Formed in early 2011 they have been waking their home town of Harrow up, gaining fans from all over London in the process.

Opening with “The Fool” you are left with no doubt what these guys are about. As the drums and guitars get into full swing Adams powerful vocals leaves you in no doubt what these guys are about; “fighting the fight, destroying the fools who are crossing my path”. Laying down the gauntlet to the listener.

With virtually no time to take in the first track you are hit with the second track, “The Silver Lining”. From the opening you are “hit” the tempo is upped, the energy increases. Perfect fuel for the mosh pit.

Slowing up for “Ghosts” the listener gets a few seconds to breathe before the onslaught continues. The track slows once more to the pace of the track start. I am slightly reminded of “Cemetary Gates”, in so much as it is a slower for the most part, a more thoughtful track, that still contains the power and energy.


“Vacant Throne” with it’s driving bass takes the listener back into the fray stating that “I walk alone and I can’t find a friend”. Closing with “Uproar” it is safe to say this should be in most metal collections. From the opening barrage through a 20 minute non-stop onslaught Driven have produced an impressive, mighty(?), EP. Five tracks of power, riffs, and rhythms. Not to be sniffed at. There seems to be a variety of metal styles in this EP that flow together seemlessly.

There are some obvious parallels you draw comparisions with, those being Pantera for the power and vocal delivery, and to Metallica for the energy. They have held it all together without being derivative, infusing it with their own energy. Despite being just an EP, at the end of it you feel you have been force fed a whole album in a short period of time.

Distribution of the EP will be Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

Line Up
Adam – vocals
Fazz – bass
Rory – guitar
Dave – guitar
Hov – drums

Track Listing
The Fool
The Silver Lining
Vacant Throne


Words by Jon.

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