The Anvil, Bournemouth


Anvil again and at the best DJ’ed rock night in Bournemouth “In Rock We Trust”! Tonight though there was live music in the form of two bands. The Voodoo Pistols (their first ever gig) and Grifter who have been around since 2003.

Voodoo Pistols
Voodoo Pistols 123

It being their first ever concert the Voodoo Pistols show very little nerves, impressing with a tight set of alternative rock with a very 50’s rock ‘n roll style to it. The drummer is going full-tilt, aided by the driving bass rhythms. The guitarist is very confident in the rhythm guitar but slightly over-eggs the pudding on the lead, but that could be just nerves. Overall an excellent debut!


Grifter 123456

Headliners Grifter are a class act, riding high at the moment with a track on the Metal Hammer cover mount CD. They come out swinging, pummelling the crowd with their boogie fused stoner rock. Coming off like ZZTop downing a few with Clutch in Status Quo’s pub, they delivered a fast paced electrifying set. Chucking in an awesome cover of “Fairies Wear Boots” by the mighty Black Sabbath, the South West outfit had the audience grooving. Good Day for Bad News and Braggards Boast (see video) are killer tunes. The temperature in the Anvil reached its normal boiling point and Grifter were adding fuel to the fire by playing one hot track after another. The riffs were coming thick and fast and heads were nodding in unison as, all too soon, their set came to an end. For the encore they showed their filthy side as they played a track called Alabama Hot-pocket and told us to Google it. They promised to return and when they do, I’ll definitely catch ’em again!

Grifter Set list
High Unholy
She Mountain
The Voices
Good Day for Bad News
Young Blood
Fairies Wear Boots
Bucktooth Woman
Braggards Boast
Unwelcome Guest
Man Bites Dog
Sweat Like Horses
Alabama Hot-pocket
Princess Leia


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Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.

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