When you put the South Coast and Blues Rock together, you should find yourself bumping into one band…Yellowgroove. The undeniably talented outfit has been spreading their love across the South in a quest to build a fan base worthy of their upcoming single “Fading Out”. Performances in the past including Isle of Wight in 2010 and various smaller festivals have helped the band build a strong reputation as a quality live act, able to suit almost any event. Whether youíre into some cool vibes or heavy rock and roll, this band has everything on the menu.

Moving onto the track itself, it’s worth noting the production values as the track sounds as clean and well recorded as any song you would find in the charts (well, not the abominations with tonnes of auto tune and fake instruments). The instantly distinguishable vocals of quirky front man, Simon Stevens bathe in the melodic instrumentals on offer. It doesnít take long for the track to swoop beautifully into the chorus, with an atmospheric and uplifting transition led by soothing harmonies and the intricate workings of lead guitarist, Mark Leybourne. The chorus is memorable, but not to the point where I’ll eventually find myself close to self decapitation due to the typical “I can’t get this song out of my head” syndrome. This track demands your attention like a girl who shows very slight interest in you; you’re not constantly thinking about her, but in the back of your mind she’s there, just like this track.


So you’ve pretty much heard every factor of rock and roll crammed into one song; the outcome rests with a mixture of rock, folk, blues and soaring vocal harmonies. Quite frankly, if Yellowgroove put out an album of songs of this quality, they could well be on the Isle of Wight main stage before you know it.

The single is set for release in the near future, so like them on Facebook and enjoy what they have to offer at the moment in the build up to the single release.



Words by George Fullerton.

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