Sound Circus, Bournemouth 10th

Skeleton Kid

Due to a hectic day moving house I have missed tonight’s openers Monty, who I’m reliably informed gave a decent account of themseves despite some “technical issues”!

Agatha’s Garden take to the stage with little fuss & delve straight into their set of mostly original material. They open with “Tower of Dreams” and set their stall out early.


For those of us old enough to remember, their sound is steeped heavily in the mid 80’s Post-Punk/Goth era-ironic really considering this is the same line-up who were doing the rounds back then. Dean’s vocals at first appear a little off but after about 3 numbers he finds his range. Tony (bass) manages to shoegaze almost the entire set, only looking up between songs! The power is supplied by Tom (drums) as he bludgeons us with a display of sheer power all night. “Trees” is a highlight, as is new song “(My) Last Temptation” with its “polished” finale.

The one low point however has to be the “Eleanor Rigby” cover – not one for the purists! I can think of so many other songs to cover that would better suit them & their style. There’s no “Triffid” in tonight’s set but I’ll forgive them as its a near perfect performance. Agathas Garden are slowly but surely building a “new” following with their Goth/Rock infused material and I for one would recommend them as must see band on the local scene.

Agatha's Garden
Agatha’s Garden 12

Voice of Reason are the penultimate band tonight and Adam (vox) is pulling shapes from the outset a la Roddy Woomble (Idlewild). As with most VOR gigs I’ve witnessed the vocals are drowned out for almost the entirety of the set. Adam tries hard but the wall of sound around him is just so loud! Jamie’s drums are hard and heavy while Dale’s guitars are clangy. Matt (bass) adds some heavyweight muscle to the whole sound also – I just cant decide whether its too loud or the vocal needs to be louder. We get the “murderous” cover of The Hives “Main Offender” and once again I’m calling in to question the choice of cover!

LMAO is their standout tune in an otherwise loud yet proficient set. Matt even affords himself a little jaunt into the dancefloor area on a couple of occasions midset. I really have no beef with VOR as a band or live proposition,I just feel they need to make some subtle tweeks to get to the next level. I wish them well.

Voice Of reason
Voice Of Reason 12

Tonight’s headliners are local Punk/Goth/Metallers Skeleton Kid. Their attire is striking – they wouldn’t be out of place as extras in Mad Max! Appearances aside this is another act out to bludgeon our senses with a ferocious wall of noise. Sadly once again the vocal is drowned. Confidence however is not in short supply. Its not the biggest crowd they’ll ever play to but they’re undaunted. With songtitles like “Dig Up Her Bones” and “Please Stay Dead” you kinda get the picture early on.

Skeleton Kid
Skeleton Kid 12

Not to be outdone we get a Motley Crue cover – I wont pretend I’m a fan but the punters love it and applaud loudly. Between song banter is common with these guys yet their playing is proficient throughout. Frankie (guitar) is pulling some impressive shapes while Timmy (bass/vox) takes the plaudits. Eddi J reminds me of Danny (Wildheart) in appearance and stage presence while Rusty (drums) quite simply delivers the power. I dont wanna be overly critical of them though,they simply dont do it for me. I just have a feeling I’ve heard it all before. They end on a high with a number called “Empty Carriages at Midnight” and we call it a night. They get the loudest applause, while I hope in future they might just change my opinion-time will tell.

Set Lists
Skeleton Kid
Please Stay Dead
Left Behind
Dig Up Her Bones
Watch Me Bleed
Rock Her Bones
Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
Empty Carriages At Midnight

Voice Of Reason
Set In Stone
Left Handed Progress
Dead & Gone
Main Offender(The Hives)
No Sense No Fleeing
Wider Wake
Sleep Now On Fire

Agatha’s Garden
Tower Of Dreams
Statue Moved
Tryna Convince You
Life Row
Last Temptation
Now I Wake Up
Eleanor Rigby(The Beatles)
Girth Who Death
Rest In Pieces


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Review By Ross Ferrone.
Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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