On The Rocks, Bournemouth


On a balmy night I’m here at a new venue (to me) to witness the debut performance by local “experimentalists” Electromud. On The Rocks has a healthy gathering of friends and new fans alike in attendance this evening. I already know this is going to be a great gig when I hear the soundcheck. Equally its gonna be a loud affair! Electromud are fronted by none other than former Subatomics frontman Matt Upchuck. The band open with “I Am a Grinding Piston” which is heavy on feedback and a slightly messy opener but they stick with it gainfully.

The whole sound is Nirvana-esque in places, especially on the truly great “Oh Olivia”. The drums are also heavy and powerful. I don’t want to accuse them of being a band whose best song is a cover, yet when they play the JAMC’s “My Little Underground” I’m grinning from ear to ear. They make it their own and it’s a fine attempt which I would happily want to hear again!

More of the same follows as they confidently play their brand of Punk/Grunge. Lizzy (bass) shoegazes the entire gig, which is in total contrast to Connor (drums) whose efforts are ferocious almost all throughout. Matt’s vocals in the latter songs remind me of his singing style in the Subatomics, its harsh in the extreme in places, but it works. Why change a winning formula? The band gratefully take generous applause from all corners of the venue. This has been a decent opening gig and one would expect Electromud to be making a big noise on the scene in the coming months. They finish where they started by re-playing the opening track they f*cked up (Matt’s words), again to great applause. I won’t bother trying to be genre-specific about Electromud as there are many elements to their sound-clearly on tonights evidence its working!

And so to tonight’s headliners who need no introduction. C-30S over the last few years have quite simply become Bournemouth’s premier Punk/Grunge outfit. Little did I know I was about to witness their finest gig ever! I don’t know if its just that they’re playing to a largely friends and regular fan crowd,or its the intimacy of the venue itself,but tonight the C30S are on the money! They open with the familiar and quite excellent “Beachbum Baby” which sets the tone early. Andy’s (vox/guitar) vocals are loud and clear while the chemistry between him and Sonic (bass) is plain for all to see. Tonight sees a few debut songs including the excellent “SGT. Wilco” and “Aint No Easy Way Out” which go down a storm. Dom (drums) is as impressive as ever with his frenetic handspeed. “Rot n Rollercoaster” is blinding and set highlight and singalong favourite ‘Wake Up’ gets the usual response. What I feel makes this particular gig so special is the band are so tight this evening. The sound is full yet clear,despite the power. Another newie ‘Love Hertz’ is great as is the remainder of the set. They end on a cover with the brilliant Who song “Can’t Eggsplain” (sic)! While this gig was a chance to see a new band its the old favourites who greatly receive my plaudits. A truly astonishing gig and dare I say FAULTLESS.

Beach Bum Baby
If Only I Could
SGT. Wilco
Aint No Easy Way Out
Rot n Rollercoaster
You’re Not Alone
Wake Up
Its On
Love Hertz
Fuck You Fucking Fuckers
Snakes n Liars
Just Like Heaven
Cant Eggsplain

I Am A Grinding Piston
Oh Olivia
Return to Soil
My Little Underground (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
Dig Deep
Blood and Hair
Time Enough At Last
The Last Saboteur


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Review By Ross A Ferrone.

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