Skeleton Kid

Some where in the darker recesses of Bournemouth lurk the 4 piece known as Skeleton Kid, and they have recently released a 3 track EP called “The Graveyard Disciples”, and are using it as a Mission Statement to leave a trail of booze, sex and cigarettes in their wake.

They have a dark punk rock sound that thematically reminds me of some of horror movies from the 80’s (I am not sure why!). Perhaps better comparisons would be earlier Marilyn Manson, a bit of Alice Cooper, perhaps even a little bit of the Danzig rawness. Couple this with their pretentions of potential stadium rock.

The EP has a tight sound, pounding drums, and great guitar work, check out the last minute of “Please Stay Dead”. Opening with a fast paced tight sound, all of this is overlayed with vocals, bith suited to the material yet rough in places adding to the effect. They maintain a consistent energy for the whole EP, with a punk rock sound that possesses obvious metal inclinations, or possibly metal with punk-rock inlcinations.

Skeleton Kid

Lyrically the EP is dark, perhaps even morbid (would have thought with a name like Skeleton Kid?), especially on “Please Stay Dead”. In fact the whole EP revolves around death, and that track happens to be darker! The tracks are catchy, the melodies hook you in, the rhythms get your feet tapping, and you get drawn into their world.

Possibly early days for these guys, and some might argue that the “dead” punk rock theme has been done before, but there is the potential here that could be harnessed, and this is a great opening EP. I have not yet seen these guys live, but I reckon it must be one hell of a show, and a chance to hear more than just the three tracks on offer here.

Criticisms? Perhaps a little less cymbal please! (one day I will be able to say “more cowbell”!).

I know I have used this next phrase recently on another review, but it would be interesting to see if these guys can maintain this theme, and consistency for a full album, and again, I would love to hear it!

If like your music a little metal, a little punk rock, a little horror movie, plenty dark, then check these guys out. You won’t be disappointed. Their Mission Statement?…they might just succeed!

See them on the 10th at Sound Circus in Bournemouth

Skeleton Kid

Line Up
Timmy C – Bass and Vocals
Frankie G – Guitar and Vocals
Eddi J – Guitar
Rusty Olli – Drums

Track Listing

Skeleton Kid

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Words by Jon.

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