The Blue Screen Of Death

Southampton Band “The Blue Screen Of Death” have just released a brand new 8 track album called “Leave The Future Behind” which is available from their bandcamp website for the recession busting price of just £3:50.

The five piece band who claim to all live together in a skanky house in Hampshire, managed to get their hands on some recording equipment, and this is the result. The listener could easily be fooled into thinking that it is a concept album with an action movie theme running through it as their are a few references to films along with the bands name , but apparently lead singer Steve says this is just coincidental or just accidental.

The Blue Screen Of Death

The album opens with two incredibly catchy tacks “Let It Go” and “Dot it Right” which features strong twin rock guitar rifts and choruses that will have you singing along before the song is through. The music’s influences takes a few twists and turns along the way with a rock solid rhythm section sounding a little like “Queens Of The Stone Age” with the vocal style reminding me a little of Tom Smith of Birmingham indie band The Editors. “U.F” and “Fools Facade” continue showing some well crafted songs that show a delightful energy in the band’s music. Any band that can include the words sycophantic in a lyric definably has some strong credibility!!

The Blue Screen Of Death

The stand out track for me is “What Would Arnie Do” which features a great guitar intro along with some very clever lyrics including movies quotes from the films “Predator”(This stuff will turn you into a sexual Tyrannosaurus”), “Scarface”(“Say Hello to my little friend”) and “Die Hard (“If you wanna stay alive stay with me”) amongst others. The album provides a very enjoyable listening experience from a band with large amounts of talent with equal amounts of humour in good measure. They have a few local live dates in Southampton coming up in the near future and I’m sure the songs will transfer well to their live show which will certainly be well worth catching.

Track Listing
1 – Let It Go
2 – Do It Right
3 – U.F.
4 – Fool’s Facade
5 – Back Against The Wall
6 – What Would Arnie Do?
7 – Cross The Road
8 – Fatal Error

Band Line Up
Steve George (Guitar & Vocals)
Pete Davis (Lead Guitar)
Paul Shott (Bass)
Shogun (Drums and Backing Vocals)
Dirty Mac (Keyboards)

Live Dates

29th September Lennon’s, Southampton
19th October The Hobbit, Southampton
24th December The Hobbit, Southampton

Let It Go(Live)

Album Promo

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Review by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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