Dark clouds heavy with rain yet to fall loomed large in the distance as the Knight staggered forward. The sounds of the (once raging) battle were now reduced to wails of men dying and were steadily growing fainter with each pain filled step he took. Blood was steadily seeping through his chainmail when his legs suddenly gave out and he fell, face first on to the sand. With a supreme effort he rolled himself over and gazed at the ramparts above him.

The weak sun was disappearing behind the castle walls and its towers shadow was engulfing the prone combatant. The clouds changed from light to dark grey and as heavy drops of rain began to hit his scratched and dented breastplate, he gasped his last words “For my King, for the Black Tower – I die”. The rain fell, washing blood, sand and a solitary tear from the warriors pallid face. The Black Tower added another soul to its tally.

I guess I shouldn’t really read George R.R. Martin and then write an E.P review. But the truly atmospheric sounds of Carlisle four piece Minaret conjured up strange visions in my psyche. Black Tower is the first song from the E.P of the same name. Clocking in at sixteen minutes, it is a sprawling epic of a track, loaded with guitar soundscapes and rhythmic melodies. Also an being an instrumental composition it makes me think of bands such as Pelican and Scale The Summit but it has its own uniqueness. Both Another Place and All The Colours of the Night have a very progressive, early (Syd Barrett) Pink Floyd feel to them, but never the less they stand up on their own. Erebus is a touch more modern prog, still very heavy on the atmospherics, with its slow build up, cascading crescendo and repetitive fade out that is very addictive. The last song is Enemy of the Stars and has a cool riff permeating the Psychedelic track. It’s just made for standing in a dark club, after having had a few (pints or whatever!) and nodding your head along with everyone else.


All in all they are very accomplished modern progressive rock group that I feel can only get better with time. For fans of Pink Floyd, Pelican and Tool.

Track Listing
1. Black Tower
2. Another Place
3. All The Colours of the Night
4. Erebus
5. Enemy of the Stars


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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