Eden In Vain

So, my long awaited (I wish) return to reviewing has finally come. After being tied down this Summer playing 41 shows with my band Willowen, I thought it was time to put fingers to keyboard once more. On my return, I have decided to shed some light on the upcoming release by Portsmouth based, metal laced (that rhymed) hardcore outfit, Eden In Vain.

After securing some juicy support slots playing with the likes of Rise To Remain and Shadows Chasing Ghosts, this band will have learnt many valuable lessons in how to perform at the top level. After actually witnessing them at the Rise To Remain show in Weymouth (Review can be found here here), I had a vague idea of what to expect from this band, but I wonder if they can manage to RISE above expectations and TO REMAIN in my trail of thought beyond this review? (I am terrible at puns).

Opening the seven track EP is the predictable sludgy opening instrumental of “Prologue” which sadly follows the pattern of every previous metal/hardcore EP in existence (sorry to be blunt). Despite this slight turn off, following track “Witch Hunt” rises from the ashes of “Prologue” as crunching riffs and skin tight drums coincide nicely to a slower tempo than expected. My honest opinion would be that songs of this tempo beg for a soaring clean vocalist to pogo between the hardcore screams, allowing a more melodic vibe to smooth over the slightly patchy instrumental work at times.

Eden In Vain

For me, it’s definitely the second half of the EP where things come to life, as “Fires” and “No Rest For The Wicked” stand out to me as a fine example of the sound this band should be aiming to capture. It’s not only the instrumentals and vocals which have picked up, but the general conviction of the material as the likes of Killswitch Engage are echoed in these tracks. Just as I was about to make my final judgement of this band, “The Burning of Wych Wood” struck me like a bolt of lightning! Oli Evans, you have an amazing voice! The stripped down acoustic track shows the undeniable talents of Oli’s vocals and really begs the question; why not use it all the time?! After playing with the likes of Rise To Remain, surely they must have considered it?

This EP may not rock your world, but it is certainly impressive. Their youth has not betrayed them, as despite their age, Eden In Vain are producing some very promising, mature sounds. It’s just a matter of taking these sounds and mutating them into one unstoppable force. My final word is; If this band combines the beauty of Oli’s singing voice with their riotous heavier sounds, they could be onto a winner; big time.

EP Release Show, September 25th: https://www.facebook.com/events/406510712738377/

Track Listing
Witch Hunt
No Rest For The Wicked
Left To Hang
The Burning of Wych Wood


Words by George Fullerton.

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