Trash Monroe

Opening with the rich velvety vocals of Melany these Essex based alternative rockers serve up their latest offering in the form of two tracks, under the banner of “Addiction of Duplicties, part 1”. Formed in 2003 the band easily fit into the alternative rock category, but are more than that.

With a solid rock backdrop of driving guitars the vocals call out, with the obvious parallels being drawn to Pat Benatar, but also perhaps a bit of Bonnie Tyler at points when Melany pushes herself, just adding to that raw edge.

Trash Monroe

But these vocal comparisions do not carry into the music. The first track S.O.B. has a certain metal/rock rawness that ties in and provides the perfect backdrop for the vocals, “Come a little closer, Just a little bit closer, All I needed was someone to talk to”. Whilst the second track “Stupid Again” is more atmospheric in its delivery, and at almost twice the length, takes you further into their capabilities, not only to craft music, but kept it together. The intention of these two tracks was to marry up gritty rawness, with sincere and atmospheric vocals. A feat whicht hey have clearly succeeded in doing. What will “Part 2” comprise of?

Sticking with the gritty sincerity (okay, I’m paraphrasing), why only two tracks? it’s not enough. Give us more!

Prior to each release the band will be making a free download available from their FaceBook page. “Bleached Edges Of My Memory” is currently available.

Trash Monroe

“Part 1” is due for release on Novemeber 12, whilst the second part is due for release in 2013, and we eagerly await to see how well the second part ties in with “Part 1”.

Line Up
Melany Dante – vocals
Brad Hurr – Guitar
Ken Mortimer – Bass
Matt Rowe – 12 string guitar
Dave Pankhurst – Drums

Track Listing
Stupid Again


Words by Jon.

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