Circle Of Reason

Recently a magazine based in the New Forest called “Park Culture” started up and was on the lookout for metal bands to play shows in the area. Circle of Reason, a four piece alternative metal outfit from the area were one of the few bands to put their name forward, highlighting a clear drought of heavy music amongst the beautiful surroundings. Despite an obvious clash between the demonic tones of the stereotypical image of metal and then gorgeous sights of wild horses and foliage, this band ensure that their heavy sounds coincide with more intricate details, creating a strange beauty of its own.

The new EP kicks off with “Chasing The Sun”, with my initial thoughts hinting that this band bask in the realms of striding riffs laced with intricate melodies, allowing listeners who may not be too welcoming of heavier genres of music to avoid being pessimistic from the start. Their sound is bold, thick and composed, with no urgency to impress through generic repetition; unlike in todays chart music. Front man, Simon Osman’s vocal tones echo the likes of Kurt Cobain (who honestly doesn’t know him!?) and Ronnie Winter (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) as crusading long notes, if not slightly droned after a while, coincide nicely with the striding instrumentals of the band. The only problem I would point out about this EP is that due to the sound of the band being led by a slower tempo, there are points where I seem to drift off into a post-metal haze. This may not be a bad thing for some people!

Circle Of Reason

So is the New Forest in trouble of facing the extinction of metal? The answer is, no. Circle of Reason may not win everyone’s attention but they have managed to find a medium between post rock and metal which blends the beauty of multiple heavier genres into one triumphant striding effort. I certainly look forward to hearing a full length from this band in the future, as it could decide whether they sink or swim.

Track Listing
1. Chasing The Sun
2. Sea of Voices
3. Silver Scene


Words by George Fullerton.

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