Amy Can Flyy

Following the success of infectious single “Letting Go of the Monster”, synth overdosers turned space cadet pop outfit, Amy Can Flyy have swiftly become every teenage girl’s dream, as their hearty following dictates. As a great man once said; with great power comes great responsibility, so the next step for this band was surely to top their previous success and feed their ever growing army.

As far as first impressions go, opener “You Can’t Stop Us Now” hints that they haven’t changed much, but it soon becomes apparent that the sudden rush of atmospheric synths injected into their buoyant instrumentals is now becoming a key element to their sound. Their ability to create infectiously catchy choruses still seems their natural prowess, but I am faced with what I can only describe as a “powerpop mirage”; there is more to this EP than I originally thought.

Amy Can Flyy

It has to be said, when I first heard this band back in the days of “Dinosaurs Go Rawr”, I wasn’t convinced at all, but this new, hearty and atmospheric version of their sometimes cringey pop anthems has changed my previous estimations.

I must admit that the EP does start to sound a bit similar by the time I’ve heard “Mr Bones” and “Puzzle Piece”, which both offer the same formula of massive choruses and dance provoking verses. Luckily “The Start” steals the show. Suddenly, it seems this band has transformed into 30 Seconds To Mars with synthesisers; certainly something I didn’t expect. Unlike their other songs, this one doesn’t beg for your attention, it simply let’s you float in their soaring atmospherics and highlights how far this band has come in terms of their song writing.

Amy Can Flyy

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but listen to their older workings and compare it to “The Start” and I’m sure your raised eyebrows will lower a significant amount. I may not be a fan of their genre, but I admit that Amy Can Flyy are glossy, spacey power pop at its very best.

Catch them on their headline tour in November this year.

Track Listing
1. You Can’t Stop Us Now
2. Mr Bones
3. Puzzle Piece
4. The Start


Words by George “Spidey Senses” Fullerton.

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