Hitting you full on, and trying to release the German in you comes their latest release “Our Time Will Come”. Following on from “We are KMFDM” and “Kunst”, comes the latest from the prolific Industrial powerhouse KMDM – and as ever they are pulling no punches. Mixing a more than healthy dose of attitude, infectious beats and ideals.

Exploding with “Genau” into your ears the scene is set perfectly from the beats to telling the listener to release their inner German-by listening to a list of what might be considered cliches, but nonetheless done in an amusing and typical KMFDM way – this will no doubt be a crowd favourite at gigs.

“Shake The Cage” takes a slightly more laid-back power stance, with Lucia’s vocals giving the edge a slight change in attitude and perspective. The track is a definite turnaround compared to the opening, but those guitars are still driving in the background; even the bass drops and frequency tweaks makes this unmistakable KMFDM. While “Respekt” is uncompromising, again the fast paced distorted guitars and electronic backdrop giving that modern KMFDM sound, not to mention more than an ounce of menace as the vocals state they want the listener to respect them!


“Our Time Will Come” keeps things under check, and although you can hear the power and force, it is all overly considered – and that gives it a bit of menace! And although a little laid-back compared to preceding tracks the bass shifts give it a slightly different feel.

“Salvation” starts off slow and considered-just as the guitar riffs hit home the vocals take on a manipulated feel. There is a slightly more electronic feel to this album; albeit subtle, but still maintaining a KMFDM mindset. Whereas “Brainwashed” is an interesting one – full of venom and menace, it’s power is in the vocal delivery more than the music as the song taunts, and almost jeers at the listener.

“Make Your Stand” takes on a thematic change as the album closes by telling you that you are the future, and you must make a stand. In short the album has taken you through its manifesto, from describing the listener as a pre-programmed product, through to being your own person.

Opening with the greeting “Hello Teenage America”, it is only when you get the albums end you kind of think this is all levelled at Western culture and the power of marketing-either political or media. There is no doubt that this is KMFDM, yet this album feels more powerful, and tighter. Even with their extensive back catalogue, it might just be that their time has come.

Line Up
Sascha Konietzko
Lucia Cifarelli
Jules Hodgson
Andy Selway
Steve White

Track Listing
Shake the Cage
Our Time Will Come
Blood Vs. Money
Get the Tongue Wet
Playing God
Make Your Stand


Words by Jon “ReProgrammed”.

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