Russ Diapper

Hampshire based blues/hard rock musician, composer, actor, all round nice guy, Russ Diapper has an EP ready for Halloween. This three track release features “Stuck Inside (a horror movie)”, “When You’re Not Alone”, and an instrumental of “Stuck Inside”.

The title track is a slight departure from his usual work in so much as there are some samples from classic horror movies to add to the feel. But the hard rock feel is there, and when his vocals kick in you know who you are listening to! Couple this with the driving guitar, this track would not be out of place on any rock soundtrack you might have planned this coming Halloween.

Russ Diapper

“When You’re Not Alone” is an older track from his back catalogue, and featured in one of his films. Starting of in a gentler vein with some acoustic guitar, this track is more laid back. Knowing that this track has been used on a movie, you start to see how it could fit in and work (No, I have not seen the film). Now this track did not grab me on the first listen, and I felt it was simply a filler. But on subsequent listens it reminded, but only just, of some earlier Alice Cooper in sound.

Currently he is writing his 3rd album, and will hit the studio to record it later in the year/early 2013. He is also working on a charity EP raising cash for cancer research that will be released in December. So we look forward hearing both of those in the near future.

Currently the Halloween single is free to download from here;

Russ Diapper

Words by Jon.

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