Fahran are a five-piece, hard-rock band hailing from Derbyshire. The meaning of the name comes from the German “to drive/go”, which encapsulates their album perfectly, and the way these guys keep control of their work and creativity, and as ever when artists keep control over their work and own processes it shows.

With the majority of the band involved in other projects, their skill and capabilities are well tuned, and have come together producing a stunning slab of hard rock. Starting with a short’ish intro track “Ascension” you immediately get the feel of Richie Sambora. Smooth, growing guitar sound, almost “Slippery When Wet” in it’s feel, and eases you gently into the album…


However, things take a slightly different tack from here as “Silver Scene”, kicking in with pounding drums, and solid guitar work (desperately avoiding the word “riffage”)(but the album has this in abundance!) provided through the use of dual Lead giving a great full sound, all topped of with some great vocals delivered by Nick. This aural pounding continues with “Cynics & Dreamers” with it’s hard rock guitars pushing you on, and it’s almost Van Halen’esque guitar noodling. Leaving you with no doubt that these guys mean business.

As the album progresses through “Ashes” to “The Vargrant”, the listener is spoilt. The great vocals, and hard rock sound, melodies, this has it all! “Serenade” has a slightly more relaxed approach, has a slightly softer feel to it, but only just! This is soon smashed as “We See Right Through You” thunders at you!


This album is a great slice of old school rock, modern with a dark edge, and no doubt their live shows are full of energy. With a tour coming up go check them out, the nearest to me is Talking Heads, Southampton, on Oct. 30th – but I am on holiday, so I will have to wait till next time!

The album is due out on the 15th October.

Line Up
Nick Whitcroft – Vocals
Jake Graham – Lead guitar
Chris Byrne – Lead guitar
Alex Stroud – Bass guitar
JR Windsor – Drums/samples

Track Listing
Silver Scene
Cynics & Dreamers
Stay Alive
In Our Eyes
Crude Design
The Vagrant
We See Right Through You
Bittersweet History
Another Way



Words by Jon “Dept. of reviewing at the last minute” M.

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