The Brook, Southampton

Jefferson Starship

It was a cool October evening as we climbed of the motorcycle’s and made our way into the Brook. In a refreshing change of circumstance we found we were part of the “young” minority in the room. Which is hardly surprising, as we were here to see Jefferson Starship. A band that has been through many name changes over the years and which actually performed at the legendary Woodstock concert in 1969, under the Jefferson Airplane moniker.


Auburn 12345

First off are the acoustic stylings of Liz Lenten and her band Auburn. They start proceedings with a very mellow set sans drums. Liz has a very melodic voice and uses it to good effect on her original written songs. She was backed superbly by Max Gilkes on guitar and Jevon Beaumont on bass. A very chilled support as people were still arriving at the venue.

Jefferson Starship
Jefferson Starship 12345678910

When Jefferson Starship took the stage the crowd erupted as the veteran outfit proceeded to deliver a greatest hits set bar none. In vocalist Cathy Richardson they have found an outstanding front woman. She not only has a fantastic voice but knows how to keep the crowd entertained. Even playing a really kick ass rock track from her old band the Macrodots. Paul Kantner and David Freiburg are old hands at this now having been flying the Starship since it was an Airplane. They still rock like I want to when I get to that age! Banging out classics was the order of the nostalgia tinged night and highlights for me were Somebody To Love, Jane, White Rabbit (see videos) Miracles and Volunteers.

Set List
1. Crown Of Creation
2. Wooden Ships
3. Somebody To Love
4. Fresh Air
5. Ride The Tiger
6. Find Your Way Back
7. Count On Me
8. Get Together
9. Miracles
10. Piece Of Me
11. Codine
12. All Fly Away
13. Fast Buck Freddie
14. Jane
15. Greasy Heart
16. The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil
17. White Rabbit
18. Volunteers


Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.

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