On the Rocks, Bournemouth

Day One

Punk Fest

The Mistakes
Black Water Country

On a rainy night in Bournemouth a few brave souls are here for what is billed as a Punk Night for Macmillan Cancer Charities.

For the four bands on the bill its just like any other gig. First up are Black Water County, a local Country-tinged Folk/Punk outfit with a harsh vocal. I later find out its their first gig – you wouldn’t know it though. Ok, it’s a set of covers and only one original song; but not being an expert on this genre, I don’t recognise any of the songs. They open with ‘Shipping up to Boston’ before heading to the “State of Massachusetts”. Tim (vox/bass) has a harshness to his vocal but it works perfectly with their sound. “Boys From County Hell” is a highlight and there’s confidence and humour within the band,depite this being their debut gig. Gavin is the multi-instrumentalist (banjo/mandolin/lead), while Harad (fiddle),Bradley (rhythm) and Ryan (drums) complete this quintet. They end a competent set with ‘Loch Lomond’ to great applause from a large but vociferous crowd. With a few more of their own songs they could definitely be “ones to watch”.

Black Water County
Black Water County 12

Next up are The Mistakes. After a one year hiatus (due to singer Ross going travelling), the band are back. On tonight’s evidence it’s as if they’ve never been away! Ross immediately grabs the mic and explodes into action with opening number and live favourite “Nation”. A few make their way to the ‘pit to bust some moves. Mat’s drums are heavy all night long while James (lead) and Shane (rhythm) are pulling the shapes. Richie (bass) looks unfussed at the side but the ferocity in their performance is there for all to see. “Think It Over” is one of many highlights in a ska-tinged set which really gets the crowd movng. There’s real angst in Ross’s vocal now and a stage presence not unlike Joe Strummer (circa 76/77). ‘CCTV’ is another highlight but all their songs are great tonight. There’s energy,aggression,angst,power, its all there. They end their set with “Life’s Too Short” and the pit goes crazy. They too take great applause from this worked up crowd.

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 12

C-30s need no introduction. A staple around these parts this band know their audience, know their way around a stage and have a bunch of great songs to choose from. With C-30s it’s never dull. Tonight Andy (guitar/vox) is in a good mood, despite handing over the headline slot to late arrivals Electromud. His gurning antics are nothing new to me – it just adds to the performance. He complains about his guitar “dying” – this doesn’t detract from being another great performance. Ably assisted by Sonic (bass) and Dom (drums) they deliver an almost perfect set. They open with “Rot ‘n Roller” as Andy starts pulling shapes. Dom’s ferocious drumming never lets up while Sonic takes over vocal duties on the excellent “Wake Up”. Andy reminds us why were here and where the moneys going,then dedicates “F*ck You F*ckin’ F*ckers” to the Beatles – charming indeed! Meanwhile Dom induces a scrum when offering a free can of beer to the crowd – “Rot n Roll”! Not content with charity they’re now giving away free beer! They too end on a high with “Beach Bum Baby” and a radical reworking The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” before leaving to more good applause.

The C-30's
The C-30’s 1

Headlining tonight are the relatively new Electromud. Singer Matt is no stranger to a stage and wastes no time delivering his harsh growling tones on us. His vocal fits well with their experimental doom-laden wall of noise. Lizzy’s bass is very heavy tonight however, Connor’s power with the sticks is ferocious yet powerful. They begin as ever with “I Am A Grinding Piston”, followed by “Pyramid” and the quite excellent “Oh Olivia”. I’m in heaven when they cover the “Jesus & Mary Chain” classic “My Little Underground” which transports me right back to the late 80’s. Matt’s vocals are varied from song to song,sometimes harsh, sometimes mellow, sometimes echoey. He once again reminds us of the reason for supporting this show. “Blood and Hair” is another set highlight from a band growing in confidence before they end with “Tremble”. However Connor is the star of the show tonight with the sheer ferocity of his hitting – he leaves the stage literally exhausted! So, four great bands, putting on a show for charity. My only gripe would be it’s only half full. Having said that its a 2 day event so hopefully Macmillan will gain more from the Saturday line up. Either way a great gig.

Electromud 1

Black Water County
Shipping up to Boston
State of Massachusetts
Drunken Lullabies
Boys from County Hell
Happy Drunk
Whats Left of the Flag
Auld Triangle
Loch Lomond

The Mistakes
For the Nelson
Think it Over
Molotov Pose
Through it All
Elson Fool
Lifes too Short

Rot ‘n’ Roller
Aint No Easy Way
It’s On
Wake Up
If Only I Could
Harmony Girl
Riding Away
danger uxb
F*ck You F*ckin’ F*uckers
Beach Bum Baby
Just like Heaven (The Cure)

I Am a Grinding Piston
Oh Olivia
Return to Soil
Last Saboteur
My Little Underground (Jesus & Mary Chain cover)
Dig Deep
Time Enough at Last
Blood and Hair