Tom Clements

From the depths of Dorset, in a small rural town called Shaftsbury lives Tom Clements. Tom is not your usual music artist as he literally surrounds himself with music 7 days a week, he is not only a great acoustic solo performer, he is a Producer, Sound Engineer, Session Musician, and when he has got time plays in a band. When you see Tom perform, it is very clear for everyone to see the passion he has for what he does, he gives 100% in whatever he is doing.

Tom has released a debut 4 track EP called “Harsh Words & Sharp Elbows” which just gives you a little taster of what Tom is all about. The songs all show some supremely skilled acoustic guitar work and some great quality song writing. The opener “Promises” sets the tone for the short journey ahead, a simple but effective number with acoustic guitar throughout with Tom’s vocals complemented well with some nice female harmonies. The stand out track “7 Years” a folky style track with an infectious looping guitar rift that runs and runs with some nice twists along the way.

Tom Clements

The more upbeat “I Don’t Know” will have the listener singing along within a few runs through, the electric and acoustic guitars coupled with keyboards make for a pleasing sound that makes for a really enjoyable listening experience. The final number is short at 2:32 but a real beautiful number, “Song For Someone” is an emotional ending of a dedication for someone special and a declaration that “for every mistake I will travel back in time” and “When I’m with you I having the time of my life”. This EP  really shows only a very small part of what Tom Clements is capable of, buy the EP and going and see him live and you will see just what a great performer he is.

Tom Clements

Track Listing
7 Years
I Don’t Know
Song For Someone




Review By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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