Bleak Falls

Bleak Falls have a 6 track EP due out on December 10th. Being described as the Deftones and Cancer Bats having a bar fight to Nirvana pumping out over the jukebox – you’ll get the picture! Coming from Sussex this quintet have a formiddable sound, and the EP backs this up.

Bleak Falls open their EP with “Intro”, and this gives no indication of the onslaught that you are about to hear, or the range that these guys have. Just a powerful intro that draws you in with it drum led beat, and a little guitar noodling in the background.

“Morning Light” starts, and takes no prisoners, hard hitting metal with screamed out lyrics. Things slow up (that’s comparative!) for “Chapter Eighteen”, opening with a dark bass-line, followed by Ridgewell demanding “Look At Me Now”, followed by what seem to be pained vocals, “No wories, no regrets”. Whilst “Rollin’ On 60’s” starts with the brief sound of a skateboard with it’s hard hitting drums and guitar, and unrelenting energy. “Dear Brother”, for this reviewer, was the surprise track, with it’s melancholic opening, which is enhanced in the video. This track is a bit leftfield for the album, but shows a depth to the band, and it is this track that makes you listen to the EP again with a slightly different slant. “Till we meet again, Rest in piece my friend”.

The EP closes with the longest track on the album, “Pass A Promise”, returning the heavier vibe of the album. Serving up a mighty slice of sound which is slapped in your face with no apologies.

This is a powerful debut. I would like to have seen a bit more diversity, such as “Dear Brother”, but with only 6 tracks to showcase on the EP, there is always scope in the album. The only other criticism is that the tracks could have been a smidge longer, ignoring the “Intro” and “Pass a Promise”. But this does not detract from the overall power of the EP. If you like your screamo/hardcore melodic, and in places chunky, check these guys out.

The EP will be available from most digital outlets on December 10th.

Line UP
Ridgewell – vocals
Christopher Shane-Chan – guitar
Paden Vaughan – guitar
Donald Wainwright – bass
Ben Vaughan – drums

Track Listing
Morning Light
Chapter Eighteen
Rollin’ On 60’s
Dear Brother
Pass A Promise


Wordage by Jon.

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