Mikey Ball And The Company

“The album is a balanced mix of Rock tracks, with a country influence. It consists of big Anthemic numbers like “Weather the Storm”, as well as stripped back ballads like “Glory Days”. Mikey Ball has built this album around a full band on this outing but I can also hear the songs transposing well to his solo projects because the album has strong acoustic roots, which are complemented by rocky and bluesy licks.

The stand out track in my opinion is “Red Lights”. Its upbeat, it has drive, and its got some of my favourite melodies on the album. The song puts you in a position to reflect on past memories, and imagine future outcomes from the position of somebody who has contemplated running away. It also tells the story of somebody fighting to accept who they are. The lyrics throughout the whole album are very real and tell a story that I think is very relatable to a lot of us.

Mikey Ball And The Company

It sounds like Mikey and company have sought inspiration for this project from artists like Bryan Adams, and The Gaslight Anthem, which really suits Mikey’s Gruff vocals. These vocals are really apparent on “Now”, a bluesy ballad with another of my favourite melodic choruses. The best part of this track, in my opinion, is the acoustic solo, that Is totally immersive and so easy to get lost in. My only criticism is that the solo could be longer. To fully sum up the album, I’d say go check it out!”

The album “Mikey Ball and the Company”, is available on all good music platforms.

Track Listing
Weather the Storm
Already Leaving
We Were Young
Bury My Love
Colours Bleed into One
Red Lights
Hold You Down
Back Again
Glory Days



Written by Guest Reviewer James Haynes.

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